Professional Piano Movers can move that Piano

As huge as this musical instrument looks, it is heavy as well! Moving a piano is, as we all can guess is not an easy job. Many people own a concert grand piano as a big investment or passion. As they are so big and heavy, despite being fragile, they need to be shifted properly with due care and safety. ... Read More »

iPhone Text Crash Also Bugs Snapchat and Twitter

If you’re a victim of Apple’s text messaging bug and have suffered an iPhone crash, there is more shock in store.The bug that can strike with simple text, also affects Twitter and permanently breaksSnapchat text chat. The malware causes Apple’s text handling system to choke on certain characters from Arabic, Marathi and Chinese and crashes the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch ... Read More »

Seven States Propose Own Broadband Network Model

Seven states have proposed to come up with their own model to roll out broadband network proposed under Rs. 72,000 crore BharatNet prorgamme, Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said Friday.”Seven states have offered to come up with state or SPV (special purpose vehicle) run model. Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh have already been talking about it,” Prasad said ... Read More »

Murky Future for NSA Data Sweep as ‘Sunset’ Looms

With a key law underpinning US bulk surveillance programs set to expire, the future appears murky for the hotly contested data sweep efforts led by the National Security Agency.At midnight Sunday, barring any last-minute deal in Congress, a key section of the US Patriot Act which has been used as a legal basis for much of the vast surveillance carried ... Read More »

US to Bring Japan Under Its Cyber Defense Umbrella

The United States will extend its cyber defense umbrella over Japan, helping its Asian ally cope with the growing threat of online attacks against military bases and infrastructure such as power grids, the two nations said in a joint statement on Saturday.”We note a growing level of sophistication among malicious cyber actors, including non-state and state-sponsored actors,” they said in ... Read More »

Uber updates privacy policy, but can still track users

      After coming under fire for questionable privacy practices, Uber announced Thursday it’s updated its privacy policies to make them simpler and “easier to understand.” Uber, which pairs drivers with passengers via a smartphone app, was blasted in the press last fall for boasting it could track a reporter without her knowledge using a feature called “God View.” ... Read More »

In shadow of Android Pay, Google Wallet evolves to stay alive

Remember Google Wallet? With all the fanfare surrounding Google’s new digital payments system, Android Pay, it’s easy to ignore the fact that Google already launched a different payments system — four years ago — called Google Wallet. That earlier service was unceremoniously snubbed during the Google I/O developer conference Thursday, without any references to it during theAndroid Pay announcement at ... Read More »

Virtually there: How Google is readying VR for you

Google’s updated version of Cardboard works with any device up to six inches, including Apple’s iPhone.James Martin/CNET Google has an ambitious plan for the future: help nearly anyone with a smartphone to experience virtual reality. The technology industry is preparing for an onslaught of new devices that mount on your head, immersing you in computer-generated worlds ranging from space battles ... Read More »

Collision on the black hole superhighway

There are a whole lot of giant kabooms in space, but we’ve never seen anything quite like this before: for the first time, astronomers have captured on video a collision between knots of matter inside a super-speed jet of plasma shooting from a black hole — demonstrating a hypothesis that may explain how these jets can travel at such incredible ... Read More »