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10 Brilliant SEO Tools, Plugins and Hacks You Need to Use Now


On Thursday, May 31st, TechTarget hosted Dan Shure’s SEMNE talk “12 Ways to Use search engine optimization Tools You’ve (Mostly) Never Seen Before” at our Newton, MA offices. We had been excited to not handiest host the event, however even extra pleased to examine some new methods to utilize the search engine optimization equipment and plugins in our ever-growing arsenal.

Dan’s number one purpose was to offer every single attendee with at the least one new tool or one new manner to use a tool they’re already the usage of. Judging via the audience reactions all through his communicate and from the remarks at once in a while, he virtually hit goal. Given that the target audience varied from learners to greater seasoned search engine marketing specialists, this turned into no smooth feat.

During his presentation, Dan covered seven SEO device classes he described as:Image result for 10 Brilliant SEO Tools, Plugins and Hacks You Need to Use Now

Video SEO
Make your appearance accurate
I’m now not going to rewrite his presentation because I’ll link to that on the end for people who were not able to attend or need to re-evaluation, but I’d like to focus on some of the favored equipment that I became either already the use of, have now found out a brand new way to use, or are brand new to me and my workflows dealing with seeking visitors and engagement for TechTarget’s widespread network of generation-particular websites.

Search engine marketing Plugins
I love search engine optimization plugins. They make it clean to execute actual-time search engine optimization studies and evaluation without always having to log in to your favorite SEO platform. (Not that there’s something incorrect with that.) If you’re like me and already have fifty tabs open, you understand the fee of now not having to open another tab and toggling among the 2 when you don’t want to.

MozBar, Broken Link Checker, and Keywords Everywhere are 3 of my favorite SEO plugins Dan blanketed in his presentation. (Add hyperlinks to the equipment and screenshots.)

I’ve been using MozBar because it launched. It has quick insights into domain authority, on-web page hyperlinks, optimization insights, keyword facts and hyperlink information. It’s great as a high-stage evaluation even within the SERPs or as an entry point to a greater in-depth evaluation of the Moz platform.

Moz Bar

Broken Link CheckerDan cited using Broken Link Checker to find possibilities for hyperlink constructing attain out, however, I like it for URL level evaluation. When I’m looking at content material for updating or fixing performance troubles, I clearly need to know if the page has any damaged links.

And whilst I can test in Ahrefs for broken links, this plugin permits me to do it on-web page inside the browser window even as I’m assessing things just like the inclusion of related subjects, wealthy media, and subheadings.

Keywords Everywhere is an exquisite upload-on for Chrome and Firefox that shows search extent, CPC and competition information from a couple of sites in a single area. Additionally, the usage of its “people additionally search for” feature is another notable manner to construct out information for a content method or package.

Keywords Everywhere in SERP

SEO Diagnostic Tools
Diagnostic equipment is highly important to all parties worried in SEO. There is continually something to diagnose whether or not you’re an in-house search engine optimization or strolling a business enterprise.Image result for 10 Brilliant SEO Tools, Plugins and Hacks You Need to Use Now

SEMrush is a device I use for many things, however especially the “Subdomains Report” Dan mentioned is accessible for accomplishing studies previous to accepting a consulting gig. No one likes to find wonder subdomains that had been now not accounted for previous to quoting a mission. It’s additionally awesome for accomplishing competitive evaluation and an exceptional way to get an excessive degree picture of ratings and site visitors across all of the subdomains in a community. The potential to drill down into that identical information is an efficient way to section out information all through studies and analysis.

SEMrush Subdomain Report

Another fantastic tip from Dan is to apply the Google Analytics date comparison hack, which is immensely helpful while you’re diagnosing a drop in site visitors — just ask my group. As Dan said, “it’s simple, the date compare is reverse.” By the use of this hack, uncovering content that has declined in overall performance through the years is a snap. Once the content material is diagnosed, studies and evaluation on causes and uncovering capacity improvements can start.

Google Analytics Hack

Video search engine optimization
VidIQ is fantastic video advertising and analytics device that turned into formerly unknown to me. I don’t work with video content as regularly as I did in advance in my career, however, having a tool in which I can execute YouTube precise keyword studies is a goldmine. Whether it’s live pictures from an enterprise event, an interview, or more in-depth technical video content material, understanding what people are searching out and targeting the one’s possibilities is wonderful.

VidIQ Plugin

search engine optimization tools that make you look right
Answer the Public

Interestingly sufficient, Dan offered Answer the Public as a device to affect customers with and you recognize what? It is extraordinary. My crew makes use of this device to generate content material ideas with our editorial team of workers. One of the first-rate approaches to ensure that a searcher is happy is by comprehensively answering their query and doing it nicely.

User Experience (UX) Tools
Funkify is another device that turned into new to me. It’s a Chrome extension that permits you to experience the net and interfaces as a person with a incapacity. As examples, a designer or product owner could use Funkify to without difficulty simulate how someone with color blindness or ADHD is in a position (or unable) to interact with a domain. Using this tool and acting at the output can assist ensure that extra websites are well reachable to individuals with disabilities.

Reactive SEO Tools
HARO (Help A Reporter Out) is a site wherein journalists and resources alike can make connections for testimonies. Three instances an afternoon, real requests are despatched out from journalists seeking out enterprise experts to assist with article writing. It’s an extraordinary manner to build your private or company emblem and boom discoverability of your content through earned hyperlinks.

Content Hacks
One of the content hacks Dan stated is one which I use quite a bit — the “Keyword Gap Report” in SEMRush. This document is remarkable for identifying possibilities to goal each your competitors’ rankings and where they’re not performing properly. In addition, it’s a sincerely awesome device to assist sales groups craft pitches approximately how their websites can be killing it organically and why a potential patron ought to end up their partner.

Final Thoughts
SEO is such a critical a part of your content material and advertising strategy and you have to make sure that you are applying the tools you want and taking benefit of what works satisfactorily for your precise venture and campaign. There are many search engine optimization equipments, plugins and hacks to take benefit of beyond what I’ve reviewed here.

Have a few tool pointers? Add them inside the comments beneath.

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