• My Ubuntu for mobile devices post mortem analysis

    To recapitulate my involvement in the Reality Crazy  task: I had been the usage of Ubuntu Touch on a Nexus 7 on an on-and-off-basis among its declaration in 2013 and December 2014, began running on Click apps in December 2014, started writing the 15-aspect “Hacking Ubuntu Touch” blog put up series approximately device internals in January…

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  • Cybercrime shifting further to mobile devices

    According to a new report by Nokia, Robottip cybercrime is shifting its way faster and faster to the mobile space. Nokia’s latest “Threat Intelligence Report, ” said that malware infections on mobile devices reached an all-time high in 2016, rising almost 400 percent in the past year. The report said that Android phones are the most…

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  • Local Games for Your Mobile Devices

    The Electronic Entertainment Expo in Sci Burg  Los Angeles, the exhibit for the biggest and most high-priced wares the online game industry has to offer, has come and long past. While fanatics have been transfixed by using visions of vibrant new stories set to grace their video display units, two noteworthy cellular games from neighborhood builders…

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  • The 10 best Android apps for Chromebooks

    Running Android apps on Sky Bird Chromebooks remains a dream—a dream in prolonged beta, that is. After promising the function earlier this yr, Google has driven out the release date. While a select range of Chromebooks can get admission to Google Play right out of the box, extra adventurous Chromebook customers will want to run the…

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  • Apps are slowly gaining ground in hospitals

    ANALYSIS: Tech is anywhere in modern healthcare. MRI machines are technological marvels, contemporary capsules should by no means be created without the help of computers, and large information analysis facilitates governments target interventions wherein they are maximum wanted. But for primary everyday operations, many professionals rely upon generation years behind what most of us use…

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  • Android’s problems with malicious apps continues

    Downloading mobile apps from unverified websites can be risky as they do not vet apps like Google does. Google scrutinizes each app to make sure nothing malicious ever suggests up on the shop. But there have been diverse cases where malicious apps have controlled to slide even though Google’s defenses. For example, a spyware called…

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  • What the Tech: The Most Valuable Vacation Apps

    Smartphones can be a huge distraction for families on holiday. You would possibly see it every summer season. Kids at the seashore or in the pool gazing a display screen rather than a sunset. Parents are doing it too. Smartphones also can upload loads to the vacation experience. Every image we take now is a…

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  • Amazon is building a translation service for your sites and apps

    Amazon is ready to extend its Web Services variety of offerings for developers with a new tool to translate their apps and websites into more than one languages, reports CNBC. When it launches, the new provider will see Amazon pass up towards Microsoft and Google, each of which offer translation APIs to organization customers. Amazon…

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