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Advantage Lithium Featured on The Herald


Advantage Lithium Corp (TSXV: AAL; OTCQX: AVLIF) turned into profiled these days on The Herald, looking at several key ratios using the organization’s earnings. The article begins with the Book to Market (BTM) ratio that’s the “evaluation of the company’s internet asset value in line with the percentage to its contemporary price. This is beneficial in figuring out how the market values the enterprise in comparison to its actual worth. The Book to Market fee of Advantage Lithium Corp. Currently stands at zero.413581.” The article also looks at numerous key ratios following the agency’s inventory charge fluctuations over the last twelve months.

Just in case you’re now not positive what sort of cordless drill batteries are wished for longer run times and are lighter in weight, this text will explain the advantages and disadvantages of NiCad (nickel-cadmium), NiMH (nickel-metal hydride), and Li-Ion (lithium-ion) batteries. The battery is one of the most important elements to recall when shopping for portable devices and gear. Without an excellent battery to remaining the long hours of devoted work, it limits portability advantages.

Advantages of NiCad Battery

It has longer recharge cycle existence of up to one thousand cycles, slighter longer than NiMH batteries. NiCad batteries are the primary battery brought right into a cordless drill. It is extra strong to temperature, meaning it can run properly regardless of climate conditions. NICad batteries have a longer shelf life and the lowest fee in keeping with the charging cycle.


NiCad has memory consequences. It has its disadvantages. It can, without problems, lose its capability to maintain full price. One way to prevent it’s far to discharge it completely and recharge once more. It is likewise now not environmentally pleasant (poisonous metals).


Advantages of NiMH Battery

NiMH batteries have better power density and therefore run longer than NiCad batteries. Lighter than NiCad batteries and carry fewer heavy metals appear to be more effective among each battery.


However, it’s far greater than temperature and may not work underneath zero ranges or above 40 ranges centigrade. If you live in tropical nations, you may have no issues with the use of it. However, the shorter recharge existence cycle than NiCad batteries will increase maximum in all likelihood, force you to live away from NiMH batteries.

Advantages of Li-Ion Battery

That is the choice when you have been using it in cordless drills. Li-Ion battery is the ultra-modern amongst the three types. The benefits a long way outweigh its risks, and plenty of cordless drill manufacturers began to use Li-Ion batteries in newer models. Two elements sincerely affect a customer’s buying decision – longer run times with charge and its weight. Li-Ion batteries have the most run times compared to the relaxation, and it weighs an awful lot lighter among the 3 sorts of batteries. It no longer has a memory effect and is now not required to discharge to lengthen battery existence completely. In reality, it is advocated partial fee and discharge greater regularly to hold if no longer prolongs its shelf existence. For strength, users who want to drill all day long need greater run instances in line with rate to reduce converting battery too frequently—lighter weight additionally method less strain on the wrist.


However, the risks of shorter shelf existence and the better charge is probably the foremost drawback for conservative customers. If you are a powerful person and use it nearly on an everyday foundation, two to 3 years of consistent use is sufficient to retire the battery. The comfort that Li-Ion batteries provide is already really worth the initial charge. In conclusion, the advice is to pick a Li-Ion battery for cordless drills. Li-Ion batteries have long been used in cellular phones, and it is best later that cordless drill manufacturers state started to capture up. In my opinion, the latest era constantly presents higher advantages than hazards for purchasers. If you haven’t already used a Li-Ion battery-operated cordless drill, it’s time to make an alternate.

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