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Awesome automobile tech that will leave you stunned: Clip-on helmet speakers, rear-view camera for a bike & more


In this modern age of era, it’s miles very smooth for a small and easy idea to make a huge revolution, and its less difficult for an excessive-faculty youngster to give his concept the wings to make it emerge as a true way to the numerous crowdfunding campaigns taking place inside the world of the net. However, convincing the net to fund your idea is not easy, or even the world-saving idea can frequently fail due to the fallacious presentation of the idea. Scroll via a number of these crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter, and you will see an abundance of useless, weird, and silly undertaking thoughts and a few actual modern ones getting foremost traction. Here Are Some Of The Best Automobile Technology Ideas That Might Soon Become Unicorn Start-Up Companies:
Domino Pro – A Revolution In Helmet Audio & Communication:

Speaker for helmets

Domino Sports is a start-up company that created a clip-on helmet audio device called Domino that says to be one of the maximum powerful surround sound experiences for your motorbike helmet. The enterprise has already released and introduced heaps of devices across the globe and is now launching its 2d product, the all-new Domino Pro. Domino Pro is the advanced model of Domino and now supports voice communique and functions wi-fi noise-canceling Air Mic. The deliveries are predicted to begin in another 2-three months. Domino is engineered to transfer sound electricity through solid substances (the helmet shell). The agency’s Vibro-Audio technology sends micro-vibration pulses into the helmet’s shell, growing a dome of audio on the inside without giving any feeling of the vibrations. The Domino Pro is a game-changer in-helmet audio and communication and may be mounted easily to any helmet interior or onto the top.

Advanced Programmable Motorcycle Turn Signals

Turn indicators for bikes. Created by the 12oClockLabs, the Advanced Animated Turn Signals for bikes is a programmable lively turn signal with many advanced features packed right into a compact aftermarket flip signal. Built within the USA, these flip alerts give a total of 24modes of operation together with Daytime Running Lights (may be enabled or disabled). The purpose of those flip alerts is to decorate safety while riding. The extra eye-catching visibility, the better. It is critical to trapping the eyes of that automobile or truck driving force around you to avoid a collision. These turn signals offer the extra attractive visibility that different aftermarket turn alerts lack. These programmable motorbike flip alerts are water and weatherproof and were examined vigorously. Serious off-road riders will recognize this option because bikes often get dropped in creeks or ponds in the course of rough off-avenue use.


CrossHelmet – The Smart Motorcycle Helmet With A Rear-View Camera

Helmet with a rearview digital camera. As we get ready for the future, helmets can be more than simply everyday lifestyle-saving devices. With technology getting smaller, CrossHelmet ambitions to combine the helmet with a head-up display giving riders a 360° range of vision, sound control, and Bluetooth functions. CrossHelmet comes with a rear-view camera and offers an extensive view at the visor that removes blind spots via giving extra street-imaginative and prescient. It is the smartest motorcycle helmet ever.

CrossHelmet cross helmet

The show on the visor will similarly deliver driving statistics, navigation and may be synced with the cellular telephone. The helmet is DOT certified and meets the safety requirements required in each country that we ship to. To enhance the structural strength of the CrossHelmet, our group has also included variable thickness and superior structure in our shell, techniques which can be presently used inside the automobile racing enterprise.

Water ski racing is a fast, movement-packed sport, and without the right safety system, a skier can go through a variety of accidents if they ought to have a huge sufficient fall. The correct equipment can prevent many severe accidents from occurring. The dead arm is a common water ski racing damage. This is in which the nerves within the shoulder are severed or permanently damaged for the duration of a fall wherein the skier’s arm is twisted over the skier’s head, rotating at the shoulder socket. This harm generally results in partial paralyzes of the affected arm.


A correctly fitting helmet need to be worn by using the skier. The helmet needs to cover the ears and have a company strap with a clip in place of a buckle. The helmet will prevent head harm on the occasion of effect with the skier’s race ski or any quantity of other gadgets. The clip on the chin strap allows the helmet to return from the skier’s head if the water grabs the helmet. This can prevent neck injuries.


Goggles are extra for consolation as the wind and water spray can almost blind a skier at a high pace. Yet, they may be required for safety also. Correct fitting goggles should be worn and should be specialized H2O goggles. H2O goggles are synthetic using substances that are water-resistant so that the goggles final longer.


A custom outfitted buoyancy wetsuit ought to be worn. The in shape has to have at least 3 torso straps, knee straps, and knee braces. A correctly equipped wetsuit enables the skier’s joints and facilitates shield the body from injury upon impact with the water. Sufficient buoyancy must be built into the match to keep the skier afloat in the water, mainly after a fall, where the skier can be subconscious.

Neck Brace:

A neck brace is usually recommended to be fitted to the healthy to aid the top and neck inside the occasion of a fall. This can help in preventing extreme neck accidents.

Arm restraints:

Correctly outfitted arm restraints are advocated as they can prevent lifeless arms in the event of a fall. Arm restraints may be purchased attached to a neck brace or suited for a quick sleeve wetsuit. The arm restraint restricts the journey of the upper arm, stopping it from being wrenched.

Ski Bindings:

Ski bindings should be successfully fitted so that they’re cushy but no longer too tight. On the occasion of a fall, your ft need to come out of the bindings to save you damage even as tumbling with the ski nonetheless connected. The binding has to no longer be too unfastened either as a snug becoming binding is needed for correct ski control even as racing.

That covers all the vital protection systems for water ski racing. Many skiers may additionally use different items for consolation or harm prevention for current illnesses. Still, the above items are the primary requirements for a safe season of water ski racing. If the above system is successfully fitted and worn religiously at the same time as practicing, education and racing harm may be minimized or even avoided in the case of a minor or maybe serious fall.

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