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Don’t purchase, simply attempt: Gadgets, toys pass rental way


Ever attempted aqua aerobics with water dumbbells or toyed around with a common interactive robotic? Worn an Oculus VR headset? But why purchase such fancy, costly stuff whilst you can simply hire them for an afternoon or the items of desire home-added for a fee? This is precisely what a Bengaluru-based startup, Yupik. In, has to provide for experience-hunters, who would rather try than purchase. Launched in December 2018, the platform has added over 100 apartment gadgets throughout 11 categories. Most clients hire out stuff only for an afternoon, informs Yupik founder Ojas Parikh. “People want to try out the modern device, which they would otherwise not purchase. For example, we’ve got this golf-swing analyzer that many feel useless to shop for. But they might rent it since everyone is in a hurry to experience new matters,” Parikh explains.

Homemaker Minal Sanghvi had seen her 5-12 months-vintage son’s fascination for electronic toys. But she knew that fascination was a passing phase, and spending thousands would be a waste. She selected to hire out the Cozmo robot alternatively. “Imagine his pleasure while we were given domestic the high-quit robotic that plays with you, learn from you, reacts and turns into your pal. No, we didn’t buy this set well worth Rs 10,000 but simply rented it out for the weekend,” she recalls. Parikh used his Amazon enjoy to merge e-trade’s ease of transport and transaction with the rental services. “Majority of products we offer had been bought by us from internationally, giving us total manage over their availability, fine, and situation.”


To ensure the rented products are back in the proper situation, a protection deposit is levied. This is refunded once the product is returned and checked. Once a particular product is booked online, a confirmation and standing of the order are dispatched to the consumer. The platform’s shipping employees take it to the patron’s domestic and demonstrate how the product works. Before taking a rental choice, the customer may also check a product demo video and utilization manuals online.

My spouse commenced a comparable unit – brick and mortar one -manner back in 1986- TOY BANK- the primary of its type then…However about eight months later – she had baskets complete of broken toys, non-working toys and the parents of the kids who rented it out refused to take duty for the breakages or theft of batteries…Although we did now not lose cash at the assignment. Wonder how lengthy those men will run it and that too on the e-trade platform. I wish them luck.

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