Internet safety tips for kids and parents

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. — June is National Internet Safety Month and conversations between dad and mom and youngsters about suitable tool use are more essential than ever. A recent U.S. Cellular survey revealed that sixty-four percent of dad and mom admit to often monitoring their youngster’s phone use, and 70 percent of households have policies about a way to use the device. Not particularly, 39 percent of youngsters suppose those policies are too strict.

While each circle of relatives is distinct, right here are some net safety guidelines kids and mother and father should don’t forget, together:

• Be careful what you share — by no means proportion sensitive or inappropriate content on social media or messaging structures. Also, the antique rule about not speak to strangers nonetheless applies online, and private statistics like passwords, addresses, complete names and call numbers are sensitive pieces of data that need to most effectively be shared on relied on websites.

• Only access-permitted content – parents need to consider knowing their kids’ passwords and tracking which apps and websites they’re the usage of.

• Don’t take a look at email or social media even as riding – no longer handiest is it illegal, it’s dangerous. Messages can wait.

Family hints about healthy ways to apply technology are also important. Some to don’t forget consist of:

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• Embrace cellphone etiquette – silence phones in movie theaters, don’t study your smartphone throughout a communication and be conscious of the man or woman you are with.

• Limit screen time — no era can replace the importance of face-to-face interactions. Set a time limit and stick to it.

• Take breaks from social media — holidays are an awesome time to unplug and be present with family.

• Device-free dinners — depart the notifications for later. Focus rather on meals and own family.

“We make it our enterprise to ensure families have connected anyplace and each time they need to be,” stated Nakeita Stewart, U.S. Cellular’s director of sales for Missouri. “We view net protection and conversations approximately device use guidelines as a natural extension of the work we do to offer high-quality community insurance and the modern day devices.”

U.S. Cellular encourages dad and mom to go to http://www.Childphoneagreement.Com and create their own customized settlement to establish a circle of relatives recommendations for mobile phone use.

Between Nov. Eight-17, 2017, a complete of 706 on-line interviews had been conducted among a nationally representative sample through Consumer Insights, in partnership with Maritz CX.

About U.S. Cellular

U.S. Cellular is the fifth-biggest complete-provider wi-fi service within the United States, offering national network coverage and enterprise-main improvements designed to raise the client to enjoy. The Chicago-based totally carrier offers coverage in which the opposite vendors do not and a huge range of verbal exchange services that decorate purchasers’ lives, increase the competitiveness of nearby companies and improve the efficiency of presidency operations. For the fourth time in a row, U.S. Cellular has the Highest Wireless Network Quality Performance, in keeping with J.D. Power’s two times-annual U.S. Wireless Network Quality Performance Study, and ninety-nine percent of customers have to get entry to 4G LTE speeds. To examine greater approximately U.S. Cellular, go to one in all its retail stores or www.Uscellular.Com. To get the modern information, promos and motion pictures, connect to U.S. Cellular on Facebook.Com/uscellular, Twitter.Com/uscellular, and YouTube.Com/uscellularcorp.

Kid models are the maximum adorable bunch but they’re easily the toughest models for photographers and organizations to handle. Modeling surely takes a toll on the children themselves as nicely. To ease that technique, we have compiled the pinnacle five guidelines on kids modeling that we consider ought to be strongly adhered to.

1. Choose the right employerImage result for Internet safety tips for kids and parents

Choosing the proper organization takes the primary priority on the journey to becoming a kid version. The right corporation isn’t always one that is simply registered but is official and credible. Parents/ guardians ought to be clear on how their baby may be treated and what the destiny boom of their child will seem like. Any credible modeling enterprise might installation a good internet site and be very active each on online and offline structures to market their models. As such, you’ll be able to see the image shoots and beyond projects finished by using children, and make a properly-knowledgeable selection on whether to sign up for the organization.

Most importantly, never fall prey to scams. Setting your kid up with the incorrect organization can pose many dangers and additionally destroy your children’s authentic ardor for modeling. Some critical symptoms so that it will factor it out are being placed in suspicious regions, calling you for an appointment on abnormal hours, negative online presence, soliciting for sexually explicit poses and asking youngsters to return alone to the agency without their parents. Of path, use your wisest judgment in all instances, however, dad and mom must constantly observe their child to a modeling company and for all jobs.

2. Wear accurately at the audition.

Not simplest need to a kid wear actually, she or he should put on age as it should be. Suits or fancy attire are actually useless. Solid-colored garments are enough. Preferably persist with vivid color that resembles the vibrancy and electricity of a child and it is better to put on undeniable than threat rejection.

3. Set sensible schedules

If your child looks accurate and is performing nicely as a version, there may be many possibilities coming their way. Never forego the maximum crucial priorities including faculty and circle of relatives time. You also never want to overstrain your kid at a young age else the result may additionally back fireplace and they will become bored with youngsters modeling because of fatigue or pressure because of a busy agenda. Modeling has to be an amusing and specific revel in for youngsters; else it’s now not a smart pursuit.

4. Don’t spend too much on pictures or garments

It is in all likelihood that dad and mom wishing the excellent for their kids end up spending a bomb on clothes and luxurious photography in their children to submit to the business enterprise. On the opposite, it isn’t always important to ship studio-fine or expert photographs to a studio. Ordinary snapshots which can be properly taken would suffice for the application to an enterprise. Any desirable employer might be identifying the talent with normal photographs and they will anyway take better photographs desirable to the fashion they want to mildew your kid into. Hence, store your cash and it slow.


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