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Move court only on question of law in transfer pricing cases: High Court


In what should effect numerous ongoing disputes over transfer pricing, the Karnataka High Court dominated that courts must be approached in such instances handiest if there’s a sizable question of law. Companies and revenue officials are approaching high courts when they don’t believe statistics located by the profits tax tribunal, the court observed.

Issues like a dispute over the method used for arriving at the tax quantity or the information determined through the tribunal must now not be the reason for…

Hello and proper morning. I hope you are prepared for our state-of-the-art ‘British Colonial Rangoon Sight Seeing’.

All of the colonial buildings we are able to go to are placed in downtown Yangon, in different words, former British Colonial Rangoon right, and are positioned exceptionally close to one another. The easy grit pattern of the metropolis’s layout makes it clean to find one’s manner around. That’s why the first-class manner to explore Colonial Rangoon is via foot. Another cause for strolling rather than using a car is that the permanent site visitors jams and a persistent lack of parking area on this place make the auto is more curse than a blessing. We can’t and need not to look all colonial homes for this will be much an excessive amount of for sooner or later and this article. The tour I have planned for nowadays consists of 30 essential homes that bear testimony to Rangoon’s present days Yangon’s superb colonial past. All of them belong to the maximum precious jewels of British Colonial Rangoon’s treasure trove. And, please, in case you want to do yourself a favor make lots of images of them as it will genuinely be the last time that you have the danger to see the homes as they are. In the not to date future there’ll a yet unknown variety of them be completely disappeared, definitely run down or ‘restored’ in a manner that leaves nothing in their in part still existing, go away on my own former, colonial appeal. We will, of course, see a variety of different partly nonetheless beautiful old colonial buildings which have thrilling memories to tell but must hold focus on the ones I have selected for our excursion; we can in any other case be too much distracted and now not get ready today. Please stay near together, thoughts your steps and do now not stray from the group. OK, the start line of our walk via British Colonial Rangoon could be the previous Rangoon General Hospital. From there we retain to the Holy Trinity Cathedral, positioned in the direct neighborhood of the Scott Market, then to the previous Burmah Railways Headquarters, the former Rangoon Railway Station, and so forth. When we arrive at the homes I will come up with some related fundamental information. There is of direction an lousy lot greater to say approximately the homes and their history but this newsletter does now not offer sufficient space for this kind of information. Further very important statistics associated with this you may locate at the quiet of this article.Image result for Move court only on question of law in transfer pricing cases: High Court

General Hospital

So, women and gents, now we have arrived on the Yangon, formerly (Rangoon) General Hospital wherein our state-of-the-art ‘Colonial Yangon Sight-Seeing Tour’ starts offevolved. We are right here on Bogyoke Aung San Road, the former Commissioner’s Road. In the front people, you could see on the other aspect of the street the Hospital, built from 1899 to 1905 and opened on 07 May the same yr. It is right here have been Aung San – who was hospitalized to be dealt with for the injuries he sustained in 1942 at some point of the Burma Campaign – meets his later wife Daw Khin Kyi who serves here as a senior nurse. Later their third baby could be a daughter, which they may give the name Aung San Su Kyi. The Yangon General hospital is also the site had been Burmese squaddies commit a massacre for the duration of the rebellion in 1988 by means of indiscriminately killing a big variety of clinic staying power, due to the fact they agree with that stated staying power have sustained their wounds all through the demonstrations. Please make now your pictures and allow us to then preserve eastwards on Aung San Road (former Commissioner’s Road) to the Holy Trinity Cathedral on the nook of Aung San Road (former Montgomery Road) and Shwedagon Pagoda Road, the former Pagoda Road. Now you are pressured about the road names? Well, this side of Aung San Road is the previous Commissioner’s Road and from the pass-roads at the cathedral on its miles the former Bernard Law Montgomery Road.

Cathedral Of The Holy TrinityRelated image

Right in the front of us, we’ve got now the primary Anglican cathedral in Burma; the Holy Trinity Cathedral on No. 446 Bogyoke Aung San Road. It is considered one of Rangoon’s earliest colonial homes. The Holy Trinity Cathedral is on the Yangon Heritage List. Now it is time to transport on to the former Scott Market, now Bogyoke Aung San Market. Its main front is set 500 feet/one hundred fifty-five meters down Aung San Road from right here in jap path. We can be there in a couple of minutes.

Scott Market

Now we have reached the main entrance to the long center hall of the Scott Market at Bogyoke Aung San Road (former 1st viscount Montgomery of Alamein Road), considering that 1948 called Bogyoke Market (via locals Bogyoke Zay (say meaning market), after the Burmese countrywide hero Bogyoke (General) Aung San. Not widely known is that his actual call (start call) became Htein Lin; Aung San is the call he has taken on on the time he was pupil leader. The marketplace is built at the premises of a former tram terminus, changed into opened in 1926 and named after Mr. Garvin Scott, who turned into from 1917 to 1930 (17 years) Chief Executive Officer of the Rangoon Corporation and for the duration of his tenure twice president of the Rangoon Municipality.

The Bogyoke Aung San Market is on the Yangon Heritage List. OK, let’s maintain our tour. When we get out of the market we flip left at the Aung San Road and bypass the FMT constructing and the Zawgyi Restaurant. Then we are able to see the Grand May Yaa Hta Executive Residence building and our actual factor of the hobby, the previous Burma Railways Headquarters at the corner of Aung San Road and Sule Pagoda Road.

ios Judah Ezekiel Road, alongside the Secretariat Building until we reach its foremost entrance.

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