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Proxy Servers: Act as a link between an Individual & Internet


Millions of people use free proxy services worldwide to bypass censorship filters or access websites that are not available and are also used to improve online security. Many best proxy servers offer free proxy services without installing them and can easily access multiple platforms. The proxy server acts as a link between the user and the internet. It provides a varying level of privacy, security, functionality depending upon needs and company policy. A good proxy server always keeps the internal network and the user protected from bad kinds of stuff and maintains a high level of privacy.

Why is there a Need for Proxy servers?

There are various important reasons why individuals or organizations are using proxy servers, as follows:

For controlling & monitoring internet usage of employees and children:

Both organizations and parents set up proxy servers to monitor and control internet usage by employees and children. Most organizations monitor and log all the web requests, and by doing this, they know how much time an individual spent on cyber-loafing.

Good proxy servers provide better network performance with improved speeds:

With the help of good proxy servers, overall network performances become better and save the bandwidth for the company and improve the speed.

Provides security benefits & maintains privacy:

The proxy servers provide complete security and maintain privacy to the top extent. Though it access to proxy servers via malware sites can also be prevented. The company can easily control and verify that users can access the resources they need using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). A secured connection is provided for the user to protect the company data.

Proxy Servers

Privacy Benefits:

Organizations and individuals use proxy servers for browsing the internet more privately. For maintaining privacy, some of the proxy servers change the IP address and other identifying information. This means that the destination server does not know who has made the original request to keep the personal information and browsing habits that keep everything confidential.

Different Types of Proxy Servers

There are different types of proxy servers. Some of the proxy servers need to work in the same way. It is essential to understand what services are provided by the proxy servers and their functions. Various types of proxy servers are as follows:

Anonymous Proxy:

An anonymous proxy always identifies itself as a proxy but, in addition to it, will not pass its IP address to the website, which helps in keeping the browsing habits private and prevents thefts.

Transparent Proxy:

The schools, public libraries, and businesses often use transparent proxies for filtering the contents. They are easy to set up both the server and the client-side.

Distorting Proxy:

The distorting proxy server passes through the false IP address. It works similarly to an anonymous proxy.

High Anonymity Proxy:

 It periodically changes its IP address, making it difficult to track to whom it belongs and what type of traffic it involves. It is the most secure and private way of reading the internet. The proxy servers go through many controversies these days and are considered hot items around censorship and net neutrality. By removing net neutrality, ISP (Internet Service Providers) can control the internal traffic and bandwidth. The ISPs are very helpful in identifying which websites one can see and which cannot.

Different Risks associated with Proxy Servers

While choosing the proxy server, one should be very cautious. Few common risks are associated with many proxy servers. Therefore, it is essential to choose the proxy server with great attention. Various risks that may negate any of the potential benefits are as follows:

Free Proxy server risks:

 By using many proxy server services, it becomes risky. Free doesn’t mean that it is completely free; it means that they are not investing in backend hardware heavily or encryption. Many potential data security and performance issues also occur. If there is a completely free proxy server, then it is essential to treat it carefully.

No encryption:

No encryption means that you are sending your requests as plain texts. Any proxy server used provides the full capability of encryption.

How does a proxy server operate?

Every computer and the internet need an IP address to have a unique internet protocol. The internet knows how to send correct data to the correct computer by filling in the IP address. A proxy server is a computer on the internet with its IP address known by the computer. When an individual sends the web request, then that request first goes to the proxy server.

Then the proxy server makes that individual’s web request on an individual’s behalf. It collects the response from a web server and then forwards it to the individual, the web page data, to see the page in their browser. There are different types of sites like https://techmozhi.com/tamilrockers-proxy-sites/, and similar to this, there are many proxy sites where an individual can search for detailed information required by them.

When the proxy servers forward the web requests make changes in data and IP address and be changed by the proxy server; thus, web servers will not know where you are in the world exactly. The proxy server can also block access to certain web pages based on IP address, and it can also encrypt the data and make it unreadable.

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