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REVIEWED: IZOTOPE VOCALSYNTH 2 VST PLUGIN Electric Factory | elfa.com.au | Expect To Pay: $249


For those of you who have used iZotope plugins before, you’ll undoubtedly be privy to the huge range of results they offer to cater to all ranges of wishes in audio production and restore paintings. There is essentially a tool for pretty much every audio mission in the iZotope range, and those of you searching out vocal outcomes are certainly now not left looking. With VocalSynth, many loyal users have been converted to iZotope’s products, and now that the ultra-modern update has been formally launched, I am sure there is about to be a much wider user institution for VocalSynth 2 with the variety of outcomes it has on offer.

Let’s get this clear first of all: VocalSynth is a vocal outcomes unit. Yes, it’s miles a vocoder, but it’s such an awful lot greater than that. It’s a noise gate, an automobile song, a distortion unit, a refrain, and a whole host of bizarre synth-styled results in your voice. What it isn’t, though, is an EQ, compressor, and preamp, as many humans may be looking for in vocal processing. These are obvious alternatives for starting your vocal sign chain, and iZotope has other gear to take care of those tactics, but VocalSynth 2 quite plenty does the rest for you. However, if you need to regulate or totally obliterate your voice, you may do it with VocalSynth 2.

It’s now not multiple to the original with some brought capabilities, so previous users will get around it quickly and make the most of the brand new stuff. In fact, new users may even get around this plugin pretty quick, too, as it’s miles nicely laid out and very smooth to perform. It even walks you through setup alternatives for integrating with your DAW and different well-matched iZotope plugins to run as a sidechain impact. It’s all pretty neat and clean to abuse, which tends to occur with synth-fashion outcomes.


You’ll discover the five predominant results sections across the pinnacle of the window – yes, there’s one greater than within the remaining version, and every of those has a simple setup controls on the main panel. You can increase these panels to get access to all of the features and controls within the results. When they may be decreased, you get to peer the fashionable new blending phase that uses a visible representation of the sound to paintings with.

The delivered array of results at the decrease panel paintings, much like results pedals, can be easily dragged and dropped to alternate the order to fit your needs. There’s a ring modulator, chorus, distortion, and even a new impact called Shred that chops up the sound and throws it all over the vicinity. It’s like tremolo-meets-noise-gate-meets-random-variety-generator if that makes any sense in any respect. If not, you’ll have to get this plugin for yourself and strive for it – it’s far genuinely cool.

The chorus is high-quality, and the postpone could be very useful too, but the actual amusement occurs whilst you get into the 5 synth-derived outcomes inside the top section. The range of presets within the vocoder will hold you entertained for hours earlier than absolutely entering into the other effects. The talkbox is first-rate for Bon Jovi enthusiasts that don’t want a tube in their mouth and a speaker-rattling the fillings out of their teeth, imparting a wide variety of outcomes from chipmunks to robots to automobile engines for the duration of your voice. This is an entire lot of fun.

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