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Swahili Fashion Week 2018


Swahili style Week is one of the largest annual style activities in East and Central Africa. The occasion was created via Pan African couturier, Mustafa Hassanali in 2008 which will provide a platform for fashion designers and personalities from Swahili talking international locations and beyond to show off their expertise, marketplace their creativity and network with clientele and the international style enterprise. The event is held in Dar es Salaam and Nairobi.

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Designer Doreen Mashika’s show off final year in Dar es SalaamImage result for Swahili Fashion Week 2018
This 12 months’ event might be held on June thirtieth on the InterContinental Hotel, Nairobi. The show-off starts at 7.30 pm.
Tickets: VIP Front Row Seat KES five,000/-, Advance KES 2,000/- and at the gate KES three,000/-. The show-off pursuits to be a celebration of the success of our local style enterprise whilst running on taking the industry to the following stage.

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Some of this yr’s categories encompass ‘fashion blogger of the 12 months’, ‘stylist of the year’, ‘male & girl fashions of the year’, and ‘style add-ons dressmaker of the yr’. To nominate your favorite fashion designer and personality, send their name and respective category nominated to [email protected] You can also go to the Swahili Fashion Week website to vote. In 2008, within the wake of the post-election violence, a collection of young humans inside the Kibera
slum decided enough became enough and it turned into the time for peace. Kibera turned into one of the places
worst hit by using the violence, in large part due to the density of populace and the variety of
tribes dwelling so close to each different. The election violence was fought alongside tribal strains, as
the election itself was contested.Image result for Swahili Fashion Week 2018
Amani is a Swahili word, which means “peace” and that is Amani Kibera’s intention. Since
establishing themselves as an NGO, the agency has labored hard to reap
extensive effect in their network. The most important hobby is to promote peace through
the game and so that they hooked up a soccer opposition in Kibera, supplying uniforms to
groups and umpires. This easy act instills a feeling of belonging in the young players, most
of whom are younger men who’re maximumly liable to the bad influences of medicine,
alcohol, and idleness from unemployment.
In February 2011, Amani Kibera opened the most effective public library within the slums (where
between 1 and a pair of million humans stay). Every day college students flock to the library. Often the
domestic surroundings isn’t conducive to powerful take a look at, as maximum houses are simplest one room
in which the cooking, eating, napping and dwelling all occur. So the library provides a space
for college students to concentrate, and additionally to get assistance from volunteer tutors.
Amani Kibera additionally established a ladies institution, in which the young girls discover ways to make
bead jewellery which they sell to raise cash for his or her school prices. For folks who are too
antique to go back to school, Amani Kibera has commenced a fashion institute where the ladies
discover ways to design and convey clothes so that they have a change and a manner to earn a few
Each December, Amani Kibera celebrates its anniversary with a football event. Last
year (2012), to rejoice five years, in addition, they held a series of peach live shows. It became timely
to have a big birthday celebration of peace as election campaigns have been in full swing and there
changed into an uncertainty of what might take place this time. The theme of the pageant become
“Ukabila ni Ujinga” – Ethnicity is Stupidity. It’s time for Kenyans to think of themselves
as Kenyans, not alongside tribal traces; and it’s time for the political aspirants to forestall
campaigning along those strains as properly.
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.Com/8157957 Published: 12/04/2013
Teams from throughout Kenya are invited to take part within the event, following the goal
of promoting peace via recreation. The day of the finals has such a celebration ecosystem.
Music blares from the audio system and nearby dance troupes carry out for the crowd whilst the
video games development. Last 12 months, finals day was so thrilling, but I’ll must confess that with all
the commentating going on in Swahili and getting distracted through the acrobatics off subject, I
lost music of who changed into playing and even who received in the long run! I was honoured with the
privilege of imparting some awards to the players… Although again I’ll confess I wasn’t
exactly positive what they had been!
The peace concert events have been held every weekend for the month of December 2012. Local
artists were invited to perform and I become so impressed by means of the expertise hiding in Kibera! We
took a parade via the slums, making a song peace songs and flying banners with messages of
peace to promote the message. My banner study “Umoja ni ngovu”, which means
“togetherness is strength”. At one level a man we surpassed via, got swept up with the aid of the parade
and with joy informed us that he had thrown his panga (machete, that’s a beneficial tool and it’s
commonplace to look human beings sporting them everywhere. However it is also the weapon of choice
in Kenya) inside the drain and was equipped for a peaceful election. Another man asked me if I
became a political aspirant, to which I smiled and responded that Kenya needed to be led by way of
suitable, robust Kenyans – how should I presume to represent Kibera within the parliament?!
Both days I visited the celebrations, I become triumph over with the fantastic and inspiring
surroundings. I truely were given the sensation that Kenyans do no longer need to live thru another
terrifying occasion which includes 2008 and they’re striving to unite and encourage each other to
live peacefully. There is little tolerance for political aspirants to push a strong tribal
message. There continues to be some healing to be done, which changed into not noted with the aid of the country’s
leaders after the 2008 violence, however on the whole I’m quietly assured that, despite the fact that there
may be minor spats here and there, Amani Kibera’s message is felt and supported
throughout most of the country.

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