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Student Loan Giant Navient Sued by California Attorney General for Allegedly Cheating Borrowers

Navient, the Delaware-based totally pupil mortgage management enterprise previously referred to as Sallie Mae, is being sued via California’s Attorney General Xavier Becerra. In an in shape filed Thursday, Becerra accused Navient, the country’s largest scholar mortgage servicer, of dishonest hundreds of borrowers and forcing them to pay off greater than they owed. Becerra’s in shape alleges that debtors have been prompt toward reimbursement plans that passed their earnings stages and that during some instances, Navient misrepresented how a whole lot borrowers owed. When compelled to pay extra than they...

World’s tiniest ‘computer’ makes a grain of rice seem massive

You failed to assume scientists could allow IBM's "international's smallest pc" boast move unchallenged, did you? Sure enough, University of Michigan has produced a temperature sensing 'computer' measuring 0.04 cubic millimeters, or approximately a tenth the scale of IBM's former document-setter. It's so small that one grain of rice appears enormous in contrast -- and it's so touchy that its transmission LED may want to instigate currents in its circuits. The size boundaries pressured researchers to get creative to lessen the effect of light. They switched from diodes to switched...