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US blogger in Ukraine gives grannies flowers, wants to start Babushka Day (VIDEO)


Peter Santenello, an American blogger dwelling in Ukraine, wants to release a new holiday: International Babushka Day, or Granny Day, to be celebrated on June 24.

Santenello published a video to his YouTube channel on June 18, showing him giving aged ladies flora around Kyiv.

“Two things I’ve been noticing lately,” the blogger says inside the video. “Babushkas, antique grannies, searching like they could use some cheering up. And then partitions, those physical walls, however additionally the walls between every person. So I have an experiment. A bit apprehensive, don’t genuinely realize how it’s gonna pass, but I am going to interrupt down these partitions.”

The test, first of all, was given off to a tough start – one lady refused, hitting the flower away as he tried to hand it to her. However, in the course of the day, Santenello endured, gifting away plants until he had no more bouquets left.Image result for US blogger in Ukraine gives grannies flowers, wants to start Babushka Day (VIDEO)

While a few women typical their vegetation with shyness and even apprehension, others took pleasure in talking to Santaniello. At the end of the video, Santenello pondered at the test. At first, he discovered taking walks as much as strangers and providing them with a present to be uncomfortable, but “the feeling you get in a while is terrifically profitable,” he stated.

He endorsed viewers to strive it for themselves. Writing on his website, he says that “holidays are like paper clips, artwork, elevators, or door handles: they all originated with an individual having a concept.” He hopes that the initiative could carry more happiness to babushkas, as many are without husbands or households. Even although Ukrainian retirees are allowed to have jobs while they acquire their nation pensions, handiest 660,500 of 12 million, or five. Five percent of all pensioners are hired. The relaxation is surviving on a monthly state pension that for lots is pretty much $50.

Santaniello’s YouTube channel has made the news in Ukraine inside the past. Last summer he arrived in Osypenko village, Zaporizhzhia Oblast, to stay with a family who have been displaced with the aid of Russia’s war in Donbas. His films confirmed the regular existence of the Burkut own family to tens of thousands of visitors.

At the end of the video collection, he prepared a fundraising marketing campaign to provide the price range for the circle of relatives to have walking water and an indoor restroom, accumulating over $2,300 in total. Like his life in Osypenko, he believes this latest initiative will help to interrupt down walls between people.

“Whatever city you’re in, something road you’re on, something city you’re in around the arena, allow’s fire these old women up,” he says.

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