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Virgin Media outages: Guidance, frustrations and tips as parts of Surrey left without internet – live updates


Households throughout the county have been left without internet for up to three weeks – and it is nonetheless no longer solved.

Unimpressed Virgin Media customers in Surrey are struggling to do business from home, watch movies on Netflix and play video games online.

The internet difficulty which influences connections to mainland Europe is tremendous, affecting regions together with Chertsey, Woking, Egham, and Ottershaw.

According to at least one Virgin Media consumer, the outages started out on June 7 and in spite of continual rants from numerous clients online, nothing has been performed about it.

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This means no Netflix, no Amazon and no Fortnite for a good deal of the county.

However, a Virgin Media spokesman stated the corporation is “running tough to identify and fix the problem and apologizes to clients for any inconvenience triggered.”

Virgin Media outage leaves Surrey citizens without net for 3 weeks – and it’s nevertheless no longer solved
Following Surrey Live’ s insurance, it seems the continued difficulty is even greater widespread.

We will convey to you live updates on this growing situation as we get them.

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Updated Virgin Media announcement
When asked if Virgin Media desired to provide advice to customers, a spokesman said: “We are not asking our customers to take any movement at the moment.

“We will advocate them at once if there is a demand to accomplish that.

“We’re continuing to manipulate this case very closely to restore offerings for all customers as quickly as possible.”

14: forty-seven
Is your net no longer working?
Have you attempted those alternatives?

. Try to connect with some other internet web site

If you can connect with different net websites, the problem will almost clearly be with the internet website that returned the error message. Double-check which you have the right web site deal with and feature spelled it correctly.

. Check and restart your pc and broadband system

Can’t access any net websites? It’s constantly really worth checking that energy leads and cables are in a location to and out of your broadband equipment are securely linked
Are you using a modem and router? Try disconnecting your laptop from the router, restarting the modem, after which connecting your pc direct to the modem. If you still can’t join, restart both the modem and your pc.
Are you the usage of the Hub 3.Zero or certainly one of our Super Hubs? Check out, Rebooting your Virgin Media Hub on a way to restart the device
Is your internet now not running? This is the guidance Virgin Media gives on its website:

. Check to see if there’s a recognized fault with the provider

The first factor to do is find out if there’s a recognized community outage (due to planned preservation, for instance). You’ll want to have access to some other network connection to do this. You also can run a few basic exams to try and restoration the hassle, or even e-book an engineer online if wanted.

To do that:Image result for Virgin Media outages: Guidance, frustrations and tips as parts of Surrey left without internet - live updates

Go to virginmedia.Com/servicestatus
Register or check in the use of your number one My Virgin Media username and password
See Can I take a look at for faults and ebook an engineer if needed? For more information.

Alternatively, you can hold an eye fixed on how your Broadband services are working while you’re at the circulate. Just download our on hand My Virgin Media app onto a compatible iPhone or Android cell handset.

Virgin Media ‘in denial’ claims clients
According to some customers, Virgin Media has been in denial approximately the ongoing difficulty across Surrey.

Mr. Snook said this happened inside the first week, but one Surrey Live reader published ultimate night time: “If you name up Virgin Media helpline proper now and say you’re in Surrey and have an issue they’ll still deny it.

“This has been the worst customer support I actually have received in my living memory,” it changed into introduced.

However, when approached for comment a Virgin Media spokesman stated: “We are aware of an trouble affecting the steadiness of broadband connections for a few customers in Surrey.

“We are operating hard to perceive and connect the trouble and apologize to clients for any inconvenience caused.”

Online rants
It appears Andy Snook turned into now not the only disappointed net consumer in Surrey.

“I can’t accept as true with this – I’m totally relieved to pay attention others are experiencing what seems like the equal problems as myself,” wrote one purchaser on a public Virgin Media community forum.

“I’m just glad a person started out a publication about this I was banging my head in opposition to a brick wall,” any other delivered.

The issues that have impacted households in Chertsey, Woking, and Egham (to call but some) means residents are struggling to play online games consisting of Fortnite and Destiny in addition to watch movies and programmes on Netflix and Amazon.

Mr. Snook, who works from home two to 3 instances a week says it is “not possible”.

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Connections to mainland Europe
According to Andy Snook, the outages started on June 7 and continue to be unresolved.

He instructed Surrey Live they have affected everyone attempting to work with or sport on something that requires connections to mainland Europe.

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