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Why Having A Logo Icon Is Important


Having a logo is important, more so when you’re creating a brand. However, having a logo just for the sake of it can ruin your brand image. A logo should express your brand. That means that there are certain things you need to keep in mind when you’re designing a logo. A logo has three parts—the font, icon, and color. The design of the logo should be such that these elements can weave a story that communicates the story of your brand. Having said that, you need to understand that every part of your logo has a specific job.

Logo’s Icon

One common mistake that entrepreneurs make is that they think that the most important aspect of logo design is that it should appeal to them personally. While it’s necessary to love your logo, that’s not the only thing to consider. You might think that if you like your logo, other people also will, and that’s what counts. The design of your logo should be able to tell the story of your brand. The logo icon is a piece of art or drawing that is required to have visual meaning. Also known as symbology, it’s something that lets your logo communicate with your audience. Primarily, two kinds of symbols are used to design logos—representational and abstract. Representational symbols represent a thing, an object, or a person. On the other hand, abstract symbols don’t really represent anything in particular. They can be basic shapes or special elements like swooshes and swirls.

A simple triangle or a leaf can’t convey what they want their logo to represent for most people. Ideally, the logo icon should be designed based on who you are, what you sell, what makes you different from your competitors, and who your target audience is. Whether you hire a professional designer or use a free logo creator online, you need to consider all these elements. Unless you know what your brand story is, you won’t convey it in your logo. However, if you define your brand and know what appeals to your customers, you’ll do some symbolic research. You can also hire a designer to do this.


Purpose Of Logo’s Icon

There are several jobs that the icon of your logo has to do. They are:

  • Make you memorable in the minds of your customers. The logo is like the face of your company. This means that you should make your logo simple and easy to remember.
  • Make your logo unique so that it doesn’t resemble another company’s logo
  • Ensure that your logo is scalable so you can blow it up to the size of a billboard or reduce it to the size of a postage stamp
  • The icon shouldn’t make your logo look tacky. It should have a timeless appeal. This will prevent you from having to redesign your logo again.
  • The icon should make your logo appealing to your customers. It should be pleasing to look at as well.

Many entrepreneurs think that the icon itself is the logo. But that’s not the case. An icon represents an idea or a concept. Icons present a concept with a graphical representation. They happen to be key elements in UX/UI interfaces. They’re usually used to represent apps. When it comes to websites, icons are generally used to depicts actions. This helps users navigate through the website. On the other hand, logos represent an organization or business. It may represent the organization directly or abstractly. It’s designed to keep the organization’s brand in mind.

It should be able to convey the company’s mindset and values. Although these kinds of things may seem trivial, that’s hardly the case since these are elements that you should keep in mind. For customers, a brand represents more than just something they purchase. It’s a part of their lifestyle, and that’s something they want to ensure is aesthetic. They want to be able to showcase this to their friends and family with pride. So, it becomes a personal message for them.

A logo should be simple. By designing an effective logo, you can make it timeless and memorable. You can use tools like Shopify’s free logo maker to design your company’s logo. It’s easy to use, and you can make logos with just a few clicks. Ensure that if you’re looking for a logo maker, free or paid option, it has the features and options you want.


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