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Windows 10 S Review: Pros and Cons of Microsoft’s New Operating System


Ever in search of improved merchandise, Microsoft introduced its most up-to-date operating machine, the Windows 10 S. Specifically designed for the target marketplace of the Surface Laptop; the working gadget has its pros and cons. Microsoft’s present-day assignment is to be more patron-oriented. This entails a lot of factors. However, the tech giant has decided to give its university pupil lovers a laptop to shape their traumatic schedule. As a student, one has to strike stability between social existence and obligations. Microsoft’s Surface Laptop is marketed as a device that could help them do that.

Its new flagship product operates with Windows 10 S. Microsoft has said that it was made to be a working gadget that is simple to use, comfortable, and offers the speed that could suit a student’s life in both work and play. Although that sounds best, there are some aspects about it that reviewers determined to be iffy.

In an in-depth overview by The Guardian, the Windows 10 S is the quickest among the other working systems released. It had no problem keeping up with constant last est, abolishing apps, and retaining the battery at complete use. However, the only thing that struck the maximum was that the Windows 10 S was slightly closed off. Users can use the simplest download apps from the Windows Store, and, yes, in that feeling, it is comfortable. But the trouble is that Windows Store needs to include more apps as it does now, not even provide Firefox or Google Chrome.

The Windows 10 S is locked to the Microsoft net browsing app, the Edge. For that reason, on my own, many took the option of upgrading to Windows 10 Pro. Ars Technica opines that even though the operating system is great for college students, they could additionally be willing to play by the constraints of Windows 10 S. If now not, then customers will most probably upgrade to the Pro model almost immediately. For a restrained time, the improvement will be free. By subsequent year, Windows 10 Pro may be priced at $50. In summary, Windows 10 S offers a new enjoyment of Microsoft because it’s miles quicker and comfier. However, customers need to know that this operating gadget is like being locked down more than something.

Windows 10

Choosing An Operating System For a Virtual Private Server

Choosing the operating gadget on your VPS has become more complicated nowadays than a few years ago. While Lagos has been iterating through variations, there are loads more Linux distributions on your virtual private server. Parameters include CPU, Memory, I.O., and many others. The blurring of the past was due to advances, specifically in Windows working devices. Let’s examine the pros and cons and leave you with some guidelines.

Windows VPS Hosting


Between the two O.S., Linux is more green with CPU, Memory, and I.O. usage than Windows on almost all counts. Windows server performance improves at higher processing strength and reminiscence stages, but all that comes at a good price compared to Linux.

Application Support:

Popular scripting languages, ASP, ASP.NET, and C# paintings, are most effective on Windows servers. Therefore, Windows VPS is the appropriate choice for those who run packages constructed using these languages. Windows servers are better suited to work with database software, including M.S. Aceand ss and MS SQL. Windows servers also support other scripting languages, such as Python, PHP, Perl, and Ruby, frequently constructed for Linux.

Control Panel alternatives:

Parallels Plesk Panel is a well-acknowledged Windows control panel software program that has never stopped us. Its current iteration has finished its GUI’s first-rate overhaul and has added plenty of desired capability. It remains a favorite amongst all Windows users.


Windows servers need a regularly updated anti-virus for their hosts and relaxes from viruses, malware, trojans, and worms. As most viruses are written for Windows, system administrators want to be extra cautious when running a Windows system.


Windows software requires steeply-priced licenses depending on the one-of-a-kind flavors of O.S. and the range of scores on the server CPU.

Linux VPS web hosting


Linux has the smallest footprint on server performance. It requires little or no machine resources to run numerous offerings and software programs. It is ideally suited for processing high workloads with minimal system requirements.

Application Support:

A wide variety of software program languages, including C++, Python, PHP, Perl, Java, and other native languages, are excellent with Linux. More developers have decided to write software applications for Linux over Windows, which has brought about a surge of Linux programs in the internet website hosting industry.


Linux comes highly configured for protection out-of-the-box compared to Windows servers. While both VPS can be secured, Linux appears to have the upper hand because it has a massive community following that helps perceive and patch troubles before they become a chief problem.

Control Panel alternatives:

Over the years, cPanel has emerged as the favorite Linux VPS software program for most web hosting corporations because of its ease of control and consumer revel. Several greater picks are available for Linux VPS in commercial and loose licensing options. These include Aegir, ISPConfig, Virtualmin, Webmin, and many others.


Unlike Windows, maximum Linux distributions are loose and open-source.

So, have you been strolling a Windows or Linux VPS?

Windows VPS is geared towards two types of users: those who are already using Windows in different deployments in the office and so on. It is extra secure in Windows surroundings and for users who have to run Windows-specific programs and software.


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