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WordPress.com parent company acquires Atavist


Automattic, the agency in the back of WordPress.Com, WooCommerce, Longreads, Simplenote, and other matters, is obtaining Brooklyn-based startup Atavist. Atavist has been working on a content material management system for independent bloggers and writers. With an Atavist internet site, you could, without problems, write and post testimonies with a ton of media. You might think this isn’t mainly groundbreaking as everybody can create a website on WordPress.Com or Squarespace and do the identical thing. But the employer also helps you to create a paywall and build a subscription base.

Many writers don’t need to address the technical info about jogging a website. That’s why Atavist gives you the equipment so that you can increase awareness in your tales. Atavist is likewise walking a book known as Atavist Magazine. The guide is likewise joining Automattic. It’s uncertain if it’s going to be part of Longreads or remain its own issue. The CMS itself won’t stick around. Automattic said that the publishing platform could be incorporated into WordPress. And this is the exciting element.

While WordPress is probably a much extra strong CMS than Atavist, it can suggest that Automattic wants to begin imparting subscriptions and paywalls. You can consider WordPress.Com websites that offer month-to-month subscriptions natively. 30 percentage of the internet runs on WordPress. Many of them are open source instances of WordPress hosted on their personal servers. But many websites are hosted using WordPress.Com, inclusive of TechCrunch.


Subscriptions on WordPress.Com are ideal information for the net. Medium all at once canceled its subscription program leaving many unbiased publications within the dirt. So it isn’t easy to trust Medium with regards to imparting enough revenue to unbiased writers. Automattic may want to create a continuing portal to control subscriptions to a couple of courses. And this can result in much less advertising and better content.

They say it is simple to contain an enterprise in Singapore. However, ‘they fail to inform you the complexities and twists worried in putting in an enterprise a Singapore. To incorporate a corporation in Singapore, the primary hurdle you will encounter is choosing the right commercial enterprise structure. To an excellent volume, outsourcing the Singapore business enterprise registration system to an external company is an extensively everyday choice. However, it becomes necessary to recognize the one-of-a-kind business systems in Singapore earlier than you employ any firm imparting Singapore enterprise registration offerings.

The Various Business Structures to Incorporate a Business in Singapore

Usually, foreigners no longer require authorities’ approval to set up a new business in Singapore. Singapore lets in about a hundred% overseas possession, which makes it the high-quality and desired area for overseas entrepreneurs to do enterprise. For incorporating a bank or a monetary group, getting approval from the Monetary Authority of Singapore is necessary. Let us check out the unique alternatives for business structures entrepreneurs have for incorporating an agency in Singapore.

Representative Office:

A foreign company inclined to have its presence in Singapore but no longer intend to carry out any commercial enterprise activities herein ought to comprise their company as a representative workplace. Singapore company surroundings consider a representative workplace as an administrative arrangement, more often than not, designed for non-industrial activities. Therefore, a registered office will no longer have a separate felony reputation from its determined company. Please note that Singapore does not permit a registered office to perform any business sports to generate revenue and incomes profits.


Foreign companies not interested in incorporating a separate corporation in Singapore with an exceptional name should choose to incorporate a branch workplace. After incorporating a department workplace, it’s miles feasible to perform business activities underneath the name of or beneath the corporate emblem of the overseas enterprise. A department office integrated in Singapore is legally taken into consideration as an extension of its determined enterprise.

Please be aware, in no way; a department workplace might be considered as a subsidiary company owned by way of a foreign discern company. The Singapore Companies Act does not prescribe any unique or separate Memorandum of Article of Association (MAA) for the branch offices. A branch workplace is loose to run its shareholder structure and commercial enterprise activities as directed using the unique MAA of the overseas corporation.


A personal constrained organization having a foreign agent as its foremost shareholder have to comprise its enterprise as a subsidiary organization. A subsidiary company is a resident company of Singapore and is regulated by using Singapore legal guidelines. Consequently, a subsidiary employer with criminal fame in Singapore is treated as an extraordinary employer from its foreign counterpart. In this feature, the legal responsibility of the foreign organization is constrained to the share capital it has invested. Besides, the overseas employer is terminated from the obligations of money owed and liabilities of the subsidiary employer. Please observe, extra often; a subsidiary company is registered as a constrained liability organization in Singapore.

Incorporated Companies:

Singapore gives two major alternatives for included agencies; Private restrained corporations and Public Corporations. A Privately restricted enterprise is authorized to have as many as fifty shareholders, and bears share transfer regulations. On the contrary, a public limited business enterprise no longer has such a limit and can have as many shareholders as possible. In addition, the general public restrained employer can raise capital by using imparting shares and debentures to the general public.

Incorporated groups can be registered with a minimal capital of S$1 proceeded by way of at the least one shareholder, one director, in addition to one organization secretary. It is all right if the chosen shareholder is both an individual or an organization. Either of the shareholders is not required to be a permanent Singapore resident. Please observe that shareholders’ legal responsibility is limited to the quantity, if any, unpaid at the shares are issued to them. Apart from that, S$1 is the fixed par price of stocks for every percentage, and no-par-value and bearer stocks are not approved.

Limited Liability Partnership:

When two or extra companions want to incorporate an agency in Singapore, registering an enterprise as a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) organization is a pleasant option. Under this partnership entity, ACRA identifies both partners as different personalities who can sue or be sued. Additionally, both the companions are allowed to personal belongings in their individual names. In an LLP organization, partners are supplied with an option to feature independently or as a mixed entity. Please note, even though the minimum wide variety of partners required to form an LLP is two, there are not any obstacles at the range of partners an LLP may have.

Limited Partnership:

Limited Partnership seems to be a flexible business shape for marketers now not fascinated to take any duty for business management functions. Such entrepreneurs typically hand over their management nt of the enterprise to an entire one-of-a-kind entity. The selected entity may be both an individual or an organization, taking part in the unlimited liability. There is a couple of preferred and more than one limited companion in a Limited Partnership agency. Please observe, if well-known companions select to participate within the enterprise characteristic, they end up dependable, and their non-public assets are pledged. On the opposite, restricted companions are liable simplest for the amount they’ve contributed.

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