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3 Important Things to Consider Before Purchasing a New Range


During a home renovation or unfortunate appliance failure, homeowners may need to completely replace their range. While the color and finish might seem to be the most important considerations, there are other critical decisions to be made before the range is purchased. In addition to the following points, it is important to ensure that the new range is compatible with the power outlet that it will be connected to, and that the total space of the oven (in cubic feet) is sufficient for cooking for the family.

Smooth or Coiled Stove Top?

While many people opt for the easy to clean smooth stove top, there are many benefits to having a coiled top. Coiled elements are able to be used with any type of cookware that is designed for stove use. Smooth tops are not ideal for those who cook with cast iron or other heavy weight cookware, as they could damage the surface. However, smooth tops are known for heating pots and pans more evenly. Coil top stoves also tend to be cheaper, and elements are easier to access.

Measuring the Counter Spacing

If a homeowner purchases a range without measuring the space where it will be placed, he or she could wind up with a range that is too large and will not fit inside of the home. Typically, these appliances are surrounded on both sides by counter tops. Most standard sized ranges and typical counter spacing for them are 30 inches in width. Some ranges might be too big, as they may be designed for larger families.

Orchestrating Appliance Delivery & Removal

Shortly before the appliance is delivered, the old appliance will need to be removed. It is a great idea to schedule removal at least 24 hours before delivery of the new range. An appliance removal service Byram Township NJ is typically able to schedule appointments with homeowners to make the removal process quick and easy.

Buying a new range involves a lot of careful considerations in order to enjoy an easy, pleasant transaction and installation.

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