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Cambodian blogger tackles sex education in vlog


PHNOM PENH – Sex toys, infidelity and penis size are normally hush-hush subjects in conservative Cambodia, but not on a taboo-busting video blog referred to as “A Dose of Cath” that unabashedly wrestles with the risqué, drawing both applause and abuse inside the patriarchal united states of America.

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Hosted on Facebook, the display by means of a 23-yr-antique Cambodian female tackles the finer factors of sex training, ladies’ health and gender imbalances in a country in which the #MeToo motion has slightly registered.

A recent episode on a famous 19th-century Cambodian poem that used to be taught in colleges and advises women now not to giggle too loudly received nearly 350,000 perspectives.

The videos characteristic Catherine Harry, the pen call of the self-defined feminist who featured in Forbes’ 2018 “30 below 30” listing of outstanding leaders and entrepreneurs in Asia.

Having ditched her beginning call greater than 10 years in the past, Cath is following in the footsteps of other Cambodian writers and media personalities turning to blogs and social media to make a call for themselves.Image result for Cambodian blogger tackles sex education in vlog


[email protected] is a blogger & reporter in #Cambodia🇰🇭. She was the maker for the workshop 3 ” How to interrupt #dependence on systems ? ” during the #4MAsiaForum in Jakarta the 7-eight April 2018.

1:32 PM – Jun 20, 2018
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But few have waded so deeply into the sensitive social troubles that Cath confronts in short no-frills monologues filmed in her Phnom Penh apartment.

“What I expect to get from what I’m doing, from my motion pictures, is to start a verbal exchange, because the subjects that I communicate approximately, human beings don’t definitely talk about,” she told AFP.

Those encompass premarital sex, whether or not to watch porn in a dating, cervical most cancers, and sexual attack.

Statistics factor to a pressing need for such conversations in a state in which one in 5 Cambodian men surveyed as a part of a 2014 UN study admitted to having dedicated rape.

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Cath has shared her personal #MeToo studies to help spur debate, however, stated folks who communicate out in Cambodia face sufferer-blaming or maybe violence.

“If a girl talks about her stories of the sexual attack or sexual harassment, she will be rejected by society, by her own family, her friends,” she said.

And even as sixty-five percent of all organizations in Cambodia are run with the aid of ladies, the USA’s important political and financial establishments are nevertheless male-dominated.

Hun Sen, the long-serving high minister who has been in energy for over three a long time, has attempted to court the youth thru his personal Facebook page and graduation speeches.

He also dispenses recommendation to women on a way to live, telling woman garment workers on May 23 that it became higher to have simplest one associate so “there may be no fear about AIDS”.

“This is a message to young people to do correct matters,” he said in his feedback, which has been broadcast live on his Facebook web page.

The surest is set for a landslide victory in well-known elections subsequent month after backing a crackdown on the competition.

Questioning society

Cath, who studies mass media at Pannasastra University in Phnom Penh, commenced the “vlog” in early 2016 and it’s miles now a full-time activity, monetized via product placements for pores and skin care companies and a brand of condoms.

“I don’t want all people to agree with me however I want human beings to start thinking society,” she explained.

Raymond Leos, one of her professors, brings up Cath while discussing a much wider fashion of students moving past traditional profession paths and family expectations.

“They’re very technologically savvy, they’re very state-of-the-art, and they’re very independent in their wondering,” he said.Image result for Cambodian blogger tackles sex education in vlog

“A Dose of Cath” has discovered an equipped audience in a rustic wherein one-third of the 15 million population is underneath 30 and telephone utilization has more than doubled over the last 5 years, helping her amass extra than 200,000 followers on Facebook.

One video published last year dealt with female virginity, a difficulty in a country wherein many girls are anticipated to wait to wed before having sex.

“Women are not a strolling vagina, an item it truly is only precious after they have not been touched, or a white cloth that once stained, cannot be washed away,” she said in a submit viewed more than two million instances.

The comments section below turned into the standard of the polarisation of her content.

One viewer praised Cath for being “brave sufficient to speak up” on the difficulty, but other posts have been crude, with one saying that “used and new merchandise” aren’t identical.

Cath says guys have careworn her by way of sending pornographic snapshots to the account, while she is frequently accused of denigrating Khmer lifestyle and being indecent.

“I’ve been called a sex demon,” she said. “But however additionally many younger human beings are inspired via what I’m doing.”

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