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Circuit Board Protection


Whether you are manufacturing them and shipping them out to clients or storing them for your own business’s use, there is no denying how delicate circuit boards can be. They are complex pieces of hardware, and even though they are more durable now than they once were, they are still prone to corrosion and other types of damage. Circuit board protection needs to be a high priority for your business, and here are some tips that will help you with that.

Use the Right Packaging

The good news about circuit boards is that they are generally good to go once they reach their destination and are in use. Until then, they need to be shipped using anti-corrosion and anti-static packaging. They are delicate devices, yet many people believe they can be shipped haphazardly. Speak to the shipping and manufacturing company that handles your merchandise to find out what kind of packaging options will be best for your printed circuit boards.

Protective Conformal Coatings

Many companies specializing in shipping and storing printed circuit boards apply conformal coatings that protect the circuits from corrosion or static. While you obviously need to apply these coatings sparingly and use them with the right types of circuits, they can provide a valuable layer of protection in conditions that might normally be too harsh for complex circuitry.

Circuit Board

Avoid Galvanic Corrosion

Galvanic corrosion can occur when certain metals and alloys react with each other. For obvious reasons, these materials are not placed together in the same circuits, but if you’re not careful, you can package two or more circuit boards in such a way that this kind of corrosion can occur. If you are manufacturing the circuit boards yourself, try to use non-corrosive metal such as stainless steel or aluminum whenever possible.

Work With A Good Shipping Company

When it comes to shipping and storing your circuit boards, you should choose a company dedicated to protecting your boards above all else. Don’t be afraid to shop around for a company that makes this a high priority. Printed circuit boards can be delicate, and you will want to keep them as safe as possible until they reach their intended destination.


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