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dump your old laptops and gadgets, this Hyd startup recycles them and pays you


We all have that corner, that box or bag filled with vain cables and deserted, dysfunctional devices and appliances in our homes. With generation and electronics percolating our lives an increasing number of every day, what additionally increases is the digital waste or e-waste that we generate. India on my own generates 2 million tonnes, consistent with the annum. It is the various pinnacle 5 e-waste producing nations within the international, in line with a record by using industry body ASSOCHAM-NEC. The worldwide extent of e-waste generated is expected to develop at 20% CAGR to reach 52.2 million tonnes or 6.Eight kg/ inhabitant by using 2021 from 44.7 million tonnes in 2016.

The fast growth of the electronics market and the toxic nature of the products is a reason for the problem. While we frequently deliver our waste to a nearby scrap provider for a nominal quantity, recycling e-waste nicely is crucial as ineffective recycling results in soil, water, and air pollutants. But if recycled effectively, there isn’t simplest a large environmental advantage, but a financial one as nice. The overall feel of all uncooked substances found in e-waste turned into anticipated to be approximately $61.05 billion in 2016, that’s more than the GDP of maximum international locations within the world.

So, what if you may deliver away your e-waste to the right source to be correctly recycled and earn money in going back? Sansodhan: An E-waste Exchange makes that possible. Founded by way of S Devi, an economist; V Shivaani, a social improvement expert; Sandeep, an engineer and Dr. Shalini Sharma, environment control and coverage expert, Hyderabad-based E-waste Exchange totally collects e-waste from people, companies, schools, colleges, governments, and even digital and electrical device producers at hand it over to effective, authorized recyclers, as a consequence contributing in the advent of a circular economy.


(L-R) Sandeep, Shivaani, and Shalini

“E-Waste control is a humongous challenge. Every educated individual uses/wears gadgets these days, and anybody, either knowledgeable/ non-knowledgeable, owns at least one system and one home equipment. Once those gadgets forestall running, they don’t realize where to sell off them. Thus, we provide a web platform for human beings to throw away their e-waste online. For this reason, we serve six segments, and each segment is one-of-a-kind. Thus the manner of operating with each segment is likewise distinctive,” Shailene says.

E-waste Exchange facilitates electronic and electrical gadget manufacturers to meet EPR (extended manufacturer obligation) goals. All you want to do is go to their internet site, sign in the electronics you want to provide a way and schedule a pick-out. A man or woman from E-Waste Exchange then picks up the waste, can pay you for it, and then transfers it to Government permitted and technically sounded dismantlers or recyclers. E-waste trade additionally conducts ‘E-Waste Collection Drives’ in residential areas. It additionally allows a big-scale enterprise and bulk consumers to dispose of their e-waste with no trouble while monitoring e-waste disposal as much as they give up the product life, which is now a requirement by way of the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB).

According to the e-waste control rules of the Govt. In India, a producer is responsible for accumulating e-waste generated for the duration of the manufacture of any electrical and digital device and channelizing it for recycling or disposal by giving it to executive legal recyclers. According to the guidelines, the authorities mandate digital and electrical product manufacturers to return 10% of their products floated in the marketplace seven years earlier than the contemporary 12 months. This target is accelerated using 10% each year.

E-Waste Exchange operates with the country government and kingdom pollution management board to help monitor and verify the e-waste control reputation within the states. In truth, E-Waste Exchange has been precise in ‘e-Waste Management Rules, 2016, Government of India’, where it indicates to all e-product producers or manufacturers and bulk clients that they could take help from “E-Waste Exchange” to meet their EPR goals and bulk customers can make use of “E-Waste Exchange, the virtual infrastructure’, to dispose of their e-waste online.

Through this manner, E-Waste Exchange creates around the financial system by decreasing waste, emission, and energy leakage through sustained recycling and reuse. Five months because of its launch, it has clients across the segments it caters to, along with being an official associate of the Telangana government. It is likewise operating with several massive corporates to behavior e-waste collection drives and spread focus. In fact, it is currently running with YES Bank, in which customers can drop off their e-waste across Yes Bank branches in Hyderabad, Suryapet, and Warangal.

Shalini says that E-Waste Exchange’s cognizance isn’t always to generate big earnings but to store the surroundings to decrease the e-waste across the world. “Just like Alibaba, the world’s biggest retailer, has no inventory and Uber, the biggest taxi organization inside the global has no vehicles of its personnel, we want to make E-Waste Exchange the largest recycler within the international without owning a recycling unit,” she adds.

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