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Kennesaw State’s Continuing Ed takes focused approach to Web Design & Development


KENNESAW — Web layout abilities have turn out to be an important component for the enterprise. The growing demand for internet design specialists has reflected the Bureau of Labor Statistics projection of a 20 percent activity increase via 2020 for web improvement. Recognizing those capabilities are vital to the Georgia personnel, KSU’s College of Continuing and Professional Education is revamping its Web Design and Development software to house learners’ wishes with focused modules on Graphic Web Design, Front-give Development, and Back-stop development.

Rebecca Mattox, a program supervisor, said these applications deliver CCPE student’s knowledge of how to layout and implement consumer-focused, increase-pushed websites. Consequently, they can take their know-how to fill the space within the group of workers. “Web design and development capabilities are extra applicable today than ever before. Our university is continuously evolving to steer in innovation and respond to the desires of our network and personnel,” Mattox stated. “The programs were previously presented as one course, however presenting 3 separate courses advantages both designers and developers. These certificates supply students the opportunity to analyze the essential layout standards, equipment, and practices needed to design and build an internet site correctly.”

Rob Smith, Graphic Web Design instructor and creative director for CCPE, brings two decades of design to enjoy to the schoolroom. Having earned a Web Design and Development professional certificate, Smith stated he knows the transition from designing for print to the screen. “Primarily, this is a design direction protecting design applications in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Both designers and builders alike will gain valuable competencies from this path,” he said. “Students new to design or developers seeking to increase their aesthetic design competencies can anticipate getting a solid grounding in practical aesthetic layout concept. Students who’re searching to break into the world of web design will build stable foundational information of HTML and CSS programming to deliver them the essential abilities to propel them into front-quit development.”

Web Design

Students in the path can also be delivered to the important standards of the person interface and user enenjoymentThe direction may be taught quickly. The arms-on technique is supposed to introduce key concepts and build them into practical competencies. Smith said, “Usability is a determining aspect in whether or not or no longer a target audience recalls a product, event, area, internet site or layout of any kind. It is a using factor in not best market selections, but in the human enjoy. The key to fulfillment in the layout is understanding how layout impacts usability.”

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Enter the email deal with. “An enterprise’s website is a user’s first influence on your brand. A nicely-constructed website will no longer handiest result in a better consumer experience but also growth site visitors and conversations,” Mattox introduced. Staff improvement is described as the development of the understanding and abilities of employees within an organization via imparting them with training.

Organizations that invest in the team of workers improvement have determined that it improves efficiency, improves productiveness, ensures the continuation of institutional information, reduces turnover, reduces fees, improves worker morale, and will increase employee process pride. Staff improvement may additionally deliver the corporation extra scheduling flexibility and might lead to operational enhancements.

Staff development can take many forms, as the following tables illustrate:

Staff Development Conducted in the Organization


A deliberate pairing of a more professional/experienced individual with a less professional/ skilled one, with the agreed-upon aim of getting the latter to grow and expand precise task competencies or organizational understanding.

Job Shadowing

Working with other employees who might have a distinctive task in hand, might have something to educate, or can help the character shadowing them study new aspects associated with the process, agency, sure behaviors, or abilities.

Job Rotation

Employees are moved among two or greater jobs in a planned manner. The goal is to show the personnel extraordinary stories and increase a wider variety of abilities to enhance activity pleasure and to pass-train them.

Committee Assignments

Cross-department committees paintings on a selected venture both completely or on a temporary foundation.

Training Programs

Formal ability-constructing mastering sessions in lecture room workshops sponsored by using the corporation.

Staff Development Conducted within the Organization

Special Teams or Task Forces

Cross-department groups fashioned for a unique reason of working on any unique task or locating a strategy to very critical trouble.

E-Learning Programs

Training modules to be had thru an internet studying gadget.

Leadership Development Programs

A series of leadership programs for decided on employees with leadership potential. This may also encompass scheduled formal training applications and a work assignment venture to cope with organizational trouble.

Brown Bag/Lunch and Learn Sessions

Training supplied in the course of lunch hours. Employees carry their own lunches to the assembly.

Book Discussion Groups

Groups of individuals who meet regularly to discuss books that each one of the participants has read.

Staff Development Conducted at the Job

On-the-Job Training

One-on-one education is placed on the job website, where a person who knows the way to do an assignment shows any other how to perform it.

Job Enrichment

Assigning additional obligations commonly reserved for better-level personnel.


Teaching a worker who was hired to carry out one task characteristic the abilities required to carry out different process functions

Stretch Assignment

A task or challenge was given to personnel beyond their current expertise or ability level that locations them into uncomfortable conditions that allow you to research and develop.

Peer Coaching

Two or extra personnel work together to mirror modern practices; make bigger, refine, and construct new competencies; percentage ideas; train each other; behavior research; or remedy issues inside the job.

Staff Meetings

Staff learns from each other. Brief ability-building periods can be constructed into the staff meeting time.

Staff Development Conducted Outside of the Organization


An extended duration of depart, frequently twelve months lengthy, taken by way of a work that allows you to carry out initiatives not otherwise associated with the worker’s activity. The enterprise may additionally pay a few or all the wages that might be otherwise earned or some or all of the expenses incurred.

Action Learning

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