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PUBG Mobile Premier League announced, gives you a chance to play PUBG Mobile with your favourite cricketers


The ongoing Indian Premier League is a big affair in India, and banking on the event’s popularity, PUBG Mobile has announced the Mobile Premier League. Gamers participating in the new event will get to score ‘runs’ by playing the online battle royale title, and those who amass most runs will get a chance to play PUBG Mobile live with their favorite cricketers on Star Sports. Interested gamers can register for the event from PUBG Mobile’s official website until April 10. It should be noted that after registration, all stats from Classic mode matches would be considered in this tournament.


One can register for the event here, and after registering, the player needs to select from one of the 8 teams they would like to play in. Do note that one cannot change the team later. PUBG Mobile will award points for the tournament in the form of runs, and gathering chicken dinners will surely help one win the event. Players will compete in PUBG Mobile to gather runs for the event between April 12 and May 1. Players can score runs for the tournament by completing the missions on the leaderboard page.

One can check their current score by logging in to the PUBG Mobile Premier League website. Their team’s current score, along with the player’s individual contribution, will be reflected in the leaderboard section. Additionally, players can play on any map and in Solo, Duo, and Squad Classic modes to gather runs. Final cumulative results will be calculated, and three top players with the most runs will be selected from each team.

The winners’ names will be announced on May 2, and the top three run-scorers from each team will get a chance to play PUBG Mobile live with their favorite cricketers. This will happen on May 4, and the session will be live-streamed on Start Sports. The list of cricketers with which players could get to play PUBG Mobile is yet to be announced but keep an eye out on Digit. for more information about the same.

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Mind-body, a startup that lures millennial women into pop-up fertility clinics with feminist messaging and attractive branding, has raised a $15 million Series A in a round co-led by RRE Ventures and Perceptive Advisors.
The New York-based company was founded last year by Gina Bartasi, a fertility industry vet who previously launched Progeny, a fertility benefit solution for employers, and FertilityAuthority.com, an information platform and social network for people struggling with fertility.

“We want to increase accessibility,” Bartasi told TechCrunch. “For too long, IVF and fertility treatments were for the 1 percent. We want to make fertility treatment affordable and accessible and available to all regardless of ethnicity and social, economic status.” Kindbody operates a fleet of vans — mobile clinics, rather — where women receive a free blood test for the anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH), which helps assess their ovarian egg reserve but cannot conclusively determine a woman’s fertility. Depending on the test results, Kindbody advises women to visit its brick-and-mortar clinic in Manhattan, where they can receive a full fertility assessment for $250. Ultimately, the mobile clinics serve as a marketing strategy for Kindbody’s core service: egg freezing. Kindbody charges patients $6,000 per egg-freezing cycle, a price that doesn’t include the cost of necessary medications but is still significantly less than

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