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Fresh art graduates observe the city thru multiple vantage points.

When Mumbai-primarily based Sagar Shiriskar arrived at Khoj Studios nearly a month ago, he had a faint idea of what he changed into going to create at some point of his residency right here. But whether that idea might fructify into something concrete, he wasn’t sure about that. After all, the memory of a piece of writing that he had examined some time back about a calligrapher changed into lying dormant in some compartment of his head. With a strong urge to discover the ‘katib,’ a conventional calligrapher, inside the congested bylanes of Old Delhi, Sagar reached Urdu Bazar and, as good fortune could have it, entered the book shop, where the person he had read about became working quietly in a corner.

In the first couple of days, Sagar, filmmaker, cinematographer, and photographer, defined his purpose of going to Mohammad Ghalib, who allowed him to file his craft whilst he became working. Since the 55-yr-antique changed into extraordinarily busy for the duration of the day, Sagar needed to look ahead to meal breaks to strike a communication with him. “But those food breaks ended for the duration of the month of Ramzan. So, I began following him to his home and in this technique became capable of the document his journey from the store to home as nicely,” says 27-yr-antique Sagar, an FTII alumnus. The culmination of this workout has resulted in a sequence of monochromatic snapshots, accompanied using texts, which have been titled ‘Katib-e-Taqdeer.’

In any other work, a combined media 6X4X4 ft tower-like setup, artist Sahil Naik has re-imagined Khirkee in the submit-apocalyptic scenario. The way the place represents a melting pot of life and several ethnicities may be rebuilt and destroyed. The tower, 25-year-vintage Sahil says, resembles the Tower of Babel, which is believed to propagate the idea of unity. While Sahil’s works always have a sturdy reference to popular culture and mythology, the Goa-based totally artist changed into an interest in the “closed” structure of Khirkee wherein he says buildings are touching every different so precariously that one careless act should spiral into an unimaginable disaster.

“The place wherein I come from is green and open. It turned into this morbid interest that I decided to make structure my factor of research,” he says. “So, I am investigating city neighborhoods as websites of trauma, in large part bringing to the communique the nature of housing structures, their proximity and thereby their vulnerability to guy-made catastrophes.”



Then, at the side of three other young artwork graduates, we were decided on for the 14th edition of the Peers program, a platform to offer infrastructure, suggestions, and mentorship to rising artists and art practices. Their selection turned into made with the aid of an eminent jury comprising artists and artwork educators Arun Kumar HG, Gigi Scaria, Rakhi Peswani, and Rohini Devasher. And, in a month, the work they’ve created in-residence is displayed inside the show, titled “Peers Emerging Artists Show 2017.”

As there was no restrict and artists have been given the freedom to explore numerous ideas, 28-12 months-antique Tanaya Kundu become moved using the disparity she witnessed in this locality, where on one side of the road, lifestyles became abuzz with enthusiasm as human beings spilled inside and out of the department stores, an image of consumerism. But on the opposite side, for humans at the roadside, dwelling clearly intended an act of survival and struggle. Looking at the giant class divide, she created a performance primarily based on her achieved within the mall.

At the exhibition’s opening on Thursday night, she also executed, wherein her lower back became dealing with the target market, and a row of candles was lit around her. Facing the wall, she sat silently. There changed into no movement. However, that act of deafening silence persisted until the final flames of the candle diminished slowly. “I am using my act as a tool to speak approximately sexual abuse. Usually, the perception is that it happens handiest with ladies, but guys too are a victim of this. My performance had diffused references to it,” she says.

The youngest artist Ashish Dhola, 23, has created a sensor-managed kinetic mic that turns in the route of a viewer on its own, while Vaishali Purandare has used clay as a medium to create a sculptural work. “The preliminary idea I had approximately this sculpture changed quite lots for the duration of my time at the residency,” factors out Vaishali. “I changed into first making plans to construct a structure of clay around myself, however then I realized that it became making me isolated and that idea of isolation changed into not what I desired to create.” So, she used the tree inside the studio and started building the wall around it. “The tree is a symbol of isolation resistance. The concept is to discover the choice of being engulfed with the aid of material absolutely,” she says.

The Life That Works

Be calm. Be calm and no longer taken aback approximately something, and you’ll cope with it higher. I realize whence I write about. For, the fact for even the most “lucky” people has its troublesome moments that reason at least a touch the little bit of worry whilst no longer treated flippantly and correctly. I understand I start with words that escape the majority in an emergency. However, it is a satisfactory recommendation I can provide. Especially regarding managing the expected and sudden problems, particularly the sudden troubles, this article is in the main approximately.

Thinking approximately my life, it’s been an obstacle course. However, I take full duty for developing that direction beyond, gift, and future to develop well. That is the name of the game to my calmness, my personal responsibility to myself to do my exceptional to be calm, whatever the “surprising condition.” Thinking about stunning occasions, I can best give those guidelines although, and the primary three recommendations I even have maybe pleasant: Be calm, even though the world appears to be falling apart at the seams. There’s constantly the next day in a life, as existence exists, but it can flip.

Time is the extraordinary healer. Nothing is impossible over time, virtually. Look at The Bible of Nature or existence via the ages the way it is going without or with us objectively. There are always possibilities. However we may additionally examine things, there are always possibilities in the most goal of realities, like aircraft flight become “not possible” before the early 20th century and many matters have been “impossible to do,” there’s usually an affordable fact which could accommodate the “impossible to cope with.”

In truth, the “impossible” is something we will deal with, but within the bounds of locating an inexpensive way to cope with it. Possibly questioning and working with yourself until you obtain what you want is a natural way to address matters. Where there may be a will, there’s ultimately away. Sure, I may want to do more tips, but the fifth tip is genuine as it receives from me because when the “not possible” is actualized in the long run, it is a herbal and valuable truth like the cell phone the mild bulb. Think about it and then remember that opportunity is the reality, and impossibility is the real fantasy. “In every adversity lies the seed of an identical or more opportunity.”

Napoleon Hill

Think approximately that truth for a second. I will now not say that it’s far a reality because we ought to admit that truth first for it to be a truth and then act on it rationally for it to be a truth. But, while it’s miles a truth in our consciousness, it’s far an amazing fact. After all, why do you suspect there are amazing monuments to those who really conquer adversity? Why do you think the actual winners are folks that “beat the percentages from scratch”? Only you or I can solve those questions definitively for ourselves. There aren’t any answers in this newsletter, simply recommendations on how to cope with it all. Only you (or I) could make it work as a solution inside lifestyles.


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