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Ll never experience properly about wearing them. That’s the primary hump I can’t recover from with Sony’s Xperia Ear Duo wi-fi earbuds, which look nothing like different earbuds you’ve worn — and now not in a good manner. The idea in the back of them is precise: the Ear Duos wrap across the underside of your ear and have a large hole proper within the middle of the part that suits your inner ear. (These don’t clearly slide into your ear canal.) This design allows you to hear your environment simply in addition to you’ll without them on.

So all the audio that you’re playing over Bluetooth — track, podcasts, audiobooks, motion pictures, and many others. — is blended with that unimpeded consciousness of your surroundings. You can wear them anywhere and not omit a beat if someone talks to you. It’s like an ambient soundtrack in your day that in no way interferes with whatever. I’m sure that’s a concept that masses of humans would want; however, Sony’s execution is foiled by using an odd layout, mediocre sound, and at $280, manner too excessive of a price.


GOOD STUFFMusic mixed with general cognizance of the arena around you
A lightweight after they’re sooner or later on
Good battery life
The charging case uses USB-C
Putting them on is difficult and uncomfortable
Mediocre sound quality
Way overpriced
Buy for $279.Ninety-nine from Amazon


The basic appearance of the Ear Duos hasn’t changed a lot because Sony first confirmed them in idea shape in early 2017. When sporting them, I’m most usually informed they appear to be listening to aids. One individual stated they appear like an intercourse toy. Rarely do all of us have the reward. The audio drivers and what Sony calls a “special acoustic conductor” are in the big housing that rests in the back of your ear once they’re on. The sound is routed via the little pipe beneath your earlobe and as much as the silicone “ring supporter” that sits for your ear. Music is performed into your ears. However, your ear canal remains unobstructed. The earbuds don’t absolutely leak noise to a noticeable degree so that you don’t should fear approximately demanding the man or woman one table over at your office.

They are available in gold (pictured) or black. But placing these things on is awkward and maybe an uncomfortable method. It’s extra of a hassle than any earbud I’ve ever attempted. Beyond the soft silicone bit for your ear, there’s zero provide or flex to the Ear Duos, and I become, in reality, confused as to a way to get them on at the beginning. It seemed like my ears were just the incorrect form or size for them. Sony recommends becoming them by tugging your earlobe out and down a touch bit, making it less difficult to slide them on and up. Eventually, I was given there. But despite having used them for nicely over every week, I haven’t gotten a lot faster at placing the Ear Duos on.

Once they’re on, they’re mild and feel pleasant throughout extended put on. The battery lasts for 4 hours for audio playback, and the clamshell case holds 3 additional charges. And that case expenses over USB-C! Sony ultimately made the alternate for these; however, to this point, no longer for its other purchaser earbuds. There are not any physical buttons on the Ear Duos, so controlling them is achieved absolutely via taps and gestures at the touchpads at the back of your ears. Tapping something in the back of my ears felt a bit unintuitive and clumsy, but the earbuds spoke back as they must most of the time. It simply takes an assertive faucet; mild touches don’t sign in so nicely. Let’s spoil the ones controls down:

Tap left touchpad to play/pause.
The double faucet left touchpad: bypass song.
Triple tap left touchpad: go to the previous track / restart modern.
Slide up or down on either earbud touchpad to modify the volume.
Tap and hold proper touchpad to spark off Siri (iOS) or Google Assistant (Android).
Tap either touchpad to accept a name. Hold to cease it.
Hold both touchpads to reject the incoming name.
But Sony’s gestures don’t stop there. The Ear Duos have an accelerometer and gyroscope built-in, so they’re capable of detecting head actions as well. Sony is Sony, so of the path, it took gain of this. You can:

Quickly turn your head to the left to head lower back to the previous tune.
Quickly turn your head to the proper to pass to the next track.
Nod head (up / down) to accept an incoming call.
Shake head (left/proper) to reject an incoming name.

They may seem stupid, but if you’re out strolling the dog or protecting groceries and your fingers aren’t free to attain at the back of your ear, the short head turns to bypass tracks aren’t the worst concept. But you may cause them when you don’t suggest to, so I grew to become off-the-top gestures almost immediately. Sony includes its own virtual voice assistant for Android users handiest, called Daily Assist, similarly to helping Google Assistant. When enabled, Daily Assist can communicate your notifications aloud right now as they arrive in, routinely decreasing your tune volume because it reads (in a very robotic, text-to-speech voice) the messages, emails, calendar reminders, and other indicators you’re getting. You can customize which apps get this remedy to restrict it to the important stuff and keep away from riding yourself nuts.

Daily Assist helps you to dictate responses to texts. However, I pick Google Assistant for handling that task (and trust it greater). There’s also a daily rundown of your day, and whilst Sony’s helper gave me my briefing one morning, it started by telling me, “it’s National Sunglasses Day.” It accompanied that up with the climate forecast, calendar appointments, after which spouted off a random blend of information headlines — first community grief over a local murder, and then the DoJ’s approval of Disney’s 21st Century Fox bid. I bet that’s satisfactory?

On Android, the Xperia Ear Duo app keeps up a persistent notification whenever they’re turned on and additionally reasons notifications for using the immoderate battery. The company claims that Daily Assist additionally presents info based totally on your region (weather, I guess), time of day (briefing), and activities. However, I in no way as soon as I encountered the latter. From a person’s attitude, I see zero cause for Sony to have its own assistant around when Google Assistant protects all these items. Hopefully, Sony addresses each of these matters with an update.

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