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The Best Vaporizer Transition From Smoking


It isn’t enough to know all the scientific facts about how much better vaporizing is for your health than smoking. You can count me personally among those who can’t get into vaping despite knowing how much better it is. There’s a certain magic to cannabis smoke that makes the experience of sitting in the sun slowly burning away a joint so much more enjoyable than sipping slowly at a vape, even if it’s the best vaporizer money can buy.

The only thing that’s making me consider buying myself the best vaporizer I can afford is that I’m moving out and living on my own soon, so a vape can potentially help me save money on pot. I still doubt I’ll stop smoking entirely, but I’ll at least try hard to make vaping the main part of my stoner routines. My friend made the transition a few months ago, and he spends about half as much on weed per month as he used to, so along with some tips with him, I hope I can do the same. Some tips that I will now share with you in this article.

Switch to vaping 'helps smokers' hearts'

Go ahead and smoke! You don’t have to commit to never smoking again. Vapor is way less harmful to your lungs, so it’s not like it’s not worth it to even vape a quarter of the time or half. As long as you get into the habit of vaping instead of smoking in some situations or circumstances, then that’s a great start. Think about it like this. If you start to use your vape at night when you’re tired and just can’t be bothered to roll a joint and then smoke it outside, then that’s a pretty significant amount of smoke reduced from your lungs.

The best vaporizer experience comes from knowing how your device works and taking good care of it. Take some time to look up guides on the particular model you bought and learn the ins and outs to get the most out of your bud. Plus, if you know to maintain your hardware properly, it will last you longer and continue to perform at a higher quality than if you let it get dirty for months.

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