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Think Wilmington’s restaurant scene is lacking?


If you observe you want to go away to Greater Wilmington to have a wonderful dining enjoy, Good Taste blogger, Matt Sullivan is right here to set you up directly. The blog, a part of the Greater Wilmington Convention & Visitors Bureau internet website, is geared towards out-of-towners searching out suitable ingesting in and around Wilmington; however, it’s a splendid aid for locals, mainly about new or less famous places.

With an unpretentious fashion that makes you need to discover our close-by foodie culture (that is richer than you could assume, truely!), Sullivan and Meals running a blog is a first-rate suit, even though — or, permit’s be actual, due to the fact — as he says on the blog’s About page, he’s no longer a gourmand, a snob, or a meals critic. We desired to realize greater, so we asked him five questions (greater often than now, not approximately the media recreation):

Technical.Ly Delaware: How long have you been running a blog?

Matt Sullivan: I’ve contributed sporadically to weblog-like entities thinking about what we knew as “weblogs,” however, the Good Taste Blog started in March 2014. That first access was just a list of my credentials as a person who eats plenty and could pressure the first-rate distance for a splendid bagel. However, the second entry presented the mind for visitors to consume within the occasion that they have been in town for the Downton Abbey showcase at Winterthur and desired to keep the tea-and-crumpet vibe going.

TD: How did you grow to be the meals ambassador of the Wilmington Visitors Bureau?

MS: For years, I’d been especially aggravated at organization tourists (and, sadly, a few locals) who terrible-mouthed Wilmington’s restaurant scene out of lack of knowledge. I’m certain I turned into ranting about it somewhere in front of Sarah Willoughby at the Visitors Bureau, and she counseled the concept that has become the blog.


TD: What do you do for a dwelling while you’re no longer blogging?

MS: For my whole professional existence, I’ve been developing content. I’m a former journalist (proudly, the first editor of Spark), and now I run my non-public communications consultancy corporation, which includes enhancing the traveler’s guide for Wilmington and the Brandywine Valley and — for something honestly tremendous — serving as dealing with director of Delaware Shakespeare. This is the handiest gig wherein I get paid to eat, even though.

TD: What do you like to do during your unfastened time?

MS: I like to put together dinner. So, I get in a few moderate bodily exertions before consuming again.

TD: I need to exit for Pizza that night, perhaps some drinks, and breakfast the next day. What are the first-rate locations in Wilmington to hit?

Do you need me to wade at once into the pizza wars? That’s a gotcha question if I ever observed one. OK, I’m going to assume you want a comfortable experience with friends and now not best a brief slice outside the bar, so I’d endorse Pizza with the resource of Elizabeths for some upscale pizza, or even higher if it’s a Wednesday night. You may benefit from their loopy-proper Wednesday Wine Flights deal. If you continue to need a drink after that, you’re right throughout the road from Copperhead Saloon, wherein you have to order a craft cocktail and the bacon-wrapped dates even if you’re now not hungry anymore.

Breakfast the following morning? If you prefer PbE, you’d like De La Coeur Café et Pâtisserie for a breakfast sandwich, cr, croissant, or crepe—you virtually can’t go wrong. But there are one million strategies for replying to that question. When a person asks me for a recommendation for eating, I have five or six follow-up questions to get through before I offer them a solution.

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