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WET? DON’T FRET Best waterproof gadgets for pool and beach fun this summer – speakers, phones, action cams and more


From exquisite drones that may drift across the water to movement cams and smartwatches that could clock your wet n’ wild antics – we’ve got all of the bases protected.
Bragi The Dash Pro clever headphones
Most water-proof headphones are bulky eyesores unfit for the seashore.

At €349 (£309), Bragi’s earplugs are luxurious however well worth the money for his or her discrete, minimum layout alone.

Like Apple’s AirPods, they ditch the cables for a certain wi-fi revel in.

Other perks consist of an AI activity tracker which can remember your pool laps, arms-unfastened controls, and 30 hours of battery existence.

The earplugs have an iPX7 water-proof score (that means they can be submerged in up to 1 meter of water).

£309 from Bragi.Com – buy now
Monster SuperStar BackFloat Bluetooth speaker
Want a fab summer celebration trick? Just chuck the Monster BackFloat speaker within the nearest pool and watch it stay afloat whilst blasting tunes.

The rugged mini boombox can take a beating and is shockproof enough to lug anywhere.

It additionally doubles up as a speakerphone and boasts solid sound great.Image result for WET? DON'T FRET Best waterproof gadgets for pool and beach fun this summer – speakers, phones, action cams and more

£seventy nine.21 from Amazon – buy now
Worried your drone may fit kaput on the excursion? Just get a water-proof one.
Worried your drone may work kaput on the excursion? Just get a water-proof one.
GP Toys NextX H2O Aviax Drone
Seeing as some water resistant drones can price upwards of £2,000, this sixty-four quid quad-copter is a thieve.

It glides throughout the water and may also be dunked underneath, making it tremendous for seashore escapades.

There’s no digital camera blanketed, however, you could connect one in case you want to file your surroundings.

£64 from Amazon – purchase now
Snapchat Spectacles v2
Snapchat’s given its video-recording sun shades a water-proof upgrade.

Will that make you shell out £150 for them? Well, that depends on how a lot you want Snapchat.

The specs permit you to record video in 10-2nd bursts and take photographs with the aid of surely tapping or retaining the button on top.

And you could upload the photographs as Stories on Snapchat, making them exquisite for capturing your travels.

£150 from Amazon – purchase now
GoPro Hero6 Black action digicam
If you are looking to step up your excursion motion pictures, then you definitely want a motion cam like the GoPro Hero6.

The snapper facts clips in an insanely high-decision 4K video at 60 frames in step with a second.

And its onboard chip even automobile-edits and beams the clips again to a like-minded app.

You can shoot handheld or attach it to a grip. And added stabilization processing manner you needn’t pressure about shaky pictures.Image result for WET? DON'T FRET Best waterproof gadgets for pool and beach fun this summer – speakers, phones, action cams and more

£389 from Amazon – purchase now
Snapchat’s video-recording sun shades can now snap pictures tooSNAPCHAT
Snapchat’s video-recording shades can now snap images too
Garmin Vivofit four
You shouldn’t fear about doing away with this £70 interest tracker while you soar in the pool.

It also tracks steps, distance and energy burned, and video display units sleep.

An usually-on shade show and over one-year’s well worth of battery lifestyles are simply a couple of its excellent perks.

£69.99 from Argos – buy now
Lifeproof FRĒ smartphone case for iPhone 8
If you don’t need to shell out for a new waterproof telephone, you may simply buy a case that does the job as a substitute.

Lifeproof specializes in long-lasting telephone instances and the Fre is one of their nice products.

Not most effective does it seal your iPhone to preserve out water, however also protects from dirt and snow.

You can dunk it in up to two meters of H20 for up to at least one hour and it boasts a display protector.

This case is for both the iPhone eight and iPhone 7, with extra models also included by using separate cases.

£sixty nine.99 from Lifeproof – buy now
Don’t % bulky books to your travels, take a Kindle insteadAMAZON
Don’t % bulky books on your travels, take a Kindle as an alternative
Kindle Oasis (8 GB Wi-Fi)
Why take one ebook to the seashore whilst you could bring an entire flippin’ library.

The Kindle Oasis is Amazon’s first waterproof e-reader.

Just seize a gaggle of your fave ebooks from the Kindle shop and bounce on a lilo.

£229.Ninety-nine from Amazon – purchase now
Waterproof telephone – LG G6 / Alcatel Go Play
Most top class smartphones are water resistant these days, but you still would not chance to take a £999 iPhone X for a swim.

If you want an absolutely cheap device that maintains water at bay, then the budget Alcatel Go Play is a solid wager.

It expenses just £70 and has an IP67 rating, so it can survive half-hour under up to one meter of water.

Even its digital camera works underwater – through the picture first-rate may additionally leave plenty to be favored in comparison to its high-priced opposite numbers.

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