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4 Tips for Scaling Your Event Programs inside the GDPR Era


It’s no secret that events power sales (in a Harvard Business Review study of 739 executives, fifty-two % of brands say events force greater ROI than every other marketing channel). And now that manufacturers can prove it, the quickest-growing organizations are doubling down on this liked Marketing channel and looking to scale and develop their event programs. But right here’s the factor: there’s hosting more events, and then there’s streamlining and establishing your strategies and structures to make sure you’re compliant with all statistics tactics. If you want to scale, you need to do both. Below are my guidelines to ensuring you’re building a scalable occasion software whilst staying GDPR compliant.

The Elephant within the Room: GDPR

It’s been over 12 months because the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) — the EU’s statistics privacy law — went into impact. However, that doesn’t suggest it shouldn’t be the pinnacle of mind. For occasion organizers, GDPR boils right down to making sure that the information you accumulate from event contributors is accurate throughout all of your systems and that you have proactive consent to gather and shop that data in the first vicinity. It may additionally look like a tall ask. However, I’ll let you in on a mystery: a correct database commonly means a more engaged database. Those who choose to receive your Marketing communications will respond quicker and interact greater frequently. Here are some tactical approaches to scale your occasion program at the same time as staying GDPR compliant:

1. Manage Your Events in One Platform

The first step to constructing a scalable occasion software is using the proper occasion era. When you’re able to manage all your events (irrespective of the size or event type) in a single platform, it eliminates confusion throughout groups and the opportunity for duplicative or off-logo paintings because everyone has to get entry to all occasion facts, multi functional vicinity. This improves efficiency, permits your crew to host extra activities, and guarantees that you can manage your occasion information in an unmarried (and cozy) platform.


2. Minimize (Or Eliminate) Manual Processes

On occasions, guide tactics (e.G. Moving RSVP information from an Excel spreadsheet into your Marketing Automation device) now not handiest wastes time — they could lead to misguided event statistics. When you integrate event facts with the relaxation of your structures, you could automate event approaches like facts syncing, reminder emails, or post-event follow-ups. You should not fear facts being captured incorrectly or now not making it into your systems within the first vicinity. Even better: your group will save time and focus their efforts on more strategic tasks.

3. Use Templates for All Your Assets

All of your activities don’t want to appear and sense precisely the same — but the use of templates for event touchdown pages and emails will let you create greater occasions extra quickly. Plus, the ultimate thing you need is to grow your occasion application, only to find out that some of the activities are off-emblem.

Bonus: whilst you could leverage constant registration bureaucracy, which you recognize encompass the right privateness language, this facilitates eliminate the opportunity of any of your bureaucracy failing to be GDPR compliant.

4. Empower Other Teams to Host Their Own Events

Marketing is frequently chargeable for strategizing and executing activities. However, this frequently isn’t the most scalable or sensible technique. When you empower other teams (for example, Sales or Recruiting) to host their own activities, it now not handiest saves the Marketing crew time however permits you to scale your occasion application massively. When you use the right occasion era, you can make sure the event assets that participants of your group create are continually on-brand and aligned along with your normal method. In this manner, nobody-off or off-brand event pages and no occasion data slipping thru the cracks.

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