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5 tips for engineering students who are not going to an IIT


People generally assume that good and success engineers come out of IITs on my own. Well, neither is every IIT engineer exact, neither is every proper engineer from an IIT. They are genuinely prestigious institutes and feature a splendid track report, however, an amazing engineer can come from anywhere. Every yr extra than 12 lakh college students strive JEE Main but handiest 20,000 make it to an IIT. It can’t be believed that there are handiest 20,000 vibrant young minds that can be molded into terrific engineers every yr. If you did not make it to this acclaimed ‘corridor of reputation’, it’s o.K.. Here are a few recommendations from engineers who did now not go to an IIT and nonetheless controlled to have a successful career.

1) There are other extremely good institutes that produce brilliant engineers
Some of the most famed engineers inside the enterprise don’t have an IIT stamp on their resume. Whether it’s Satya Nadella from Microsoft or Kalpana Chawla from NASA, they’ve gained their understanding at other institutes that have lots to offer. Here are some incredible faculties that have produced legends:

— Anna University – Verghese Kurien (Milkman of India), Mylswami Annadurai – scientist in ISRO
— Institute of Chemical Technology – Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani – Reliance industries
— BITS – Sanjay Mehrotra – President of SanDisk, Sunil Duggar – CEO of Dabur
— NIT Trichy – Natarajan Chandrasekaran – Chairman of Tata Sons, Rajesh Gopinathan – CEO of TCS.
— NIT Rourkela – CP Gurnani – CEO of Tech Mahindra

2) Resources to study for your personalImage result for 5 tips for engineering students who are not going to an IIT
The maximum profitable part approximately an IIT is the best of education. They have a coveted college, however, it’s now not necessary to have a look at an IIT to get entry to high-quality training. Many professors shape various IITs upload their lectures on NPTEL. You can enroll in any course through famed IIT professors, wherein you can get entry to; movies, assignments and discussion forums. In fact, you may goal higher than an IIT, by way of accessing lectures of professors from the first-rate universities, worldwide on EdX. If you need to analyze all about Python, JavaScript or Machine Learning, you can even pick a direction on Udemy. If you’re enthusiastic to study, resources are to be had in abundance, no matter your college.

3) Get the publicity you deserve
What you study in lectures is amazing, but every students desires a bit side over the competition. It’s in the course of college that you comprehend what you’d like to do after commencement. You can’t decide that in basic terms on the basis of which subjects interest you, you need publicity. Every university has tech fests, however, you may do a lot greater. Write a research paper and put up it on relevant structures to get industry extensive popularity. The nice element is, you could pick out a subject that pastimes you and explore it past the school room. No matter which discipline you come back from, doing an Internship assist you to study loads, mainly at a startup, and it seems top notch in your resume.

Four) Work with enterprise giants
Another superstar in IIT’s belt is the stellar placements. However, your dream enterprise isn’t restricting itself to an IIT, they’re just looking for exceptional engineers. In fact, some engineering colleges have higher placements than the newer IITs. Here are a number of the great schools for placements and the giants which have employed students from there.

— Anna University: Google, Adobe Systems, Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Ford and so forth.
— Jadavpur University: Deloitte, Facebook, Reliance, Pepsico etc.
— NIT Trichy: Microsoft, Oracle, Tata Motors, Godrej, Sony etc.
— BITS Pilani: Bain, McKinsey, Mahindra, Schlumberger and so on.
— VIT: Myntra, Godrej, PayPal, Honda and many others.

Five) Benefits from an IIT whilst an interloperImage result for 5 tips for engineering students who are not going to an IIT
You can get access to IITs even without being a scholar at one in all them. Every IIT has a devoted tech fest. This a tremendous area to fulfill your friends and notice where you stand some of the opposition. Participate in hack-a-thons, workshops, and other competitions, and win a few sweets at the same time as you’re at it! In the academic area, there is an expansion of week lengthy publications that you could sign up for. You can even do an internship as a study or coaching assistant under your favorite IIT professor. Don’t allow an institute to outline the type of engineer you’re going to be. It’s your skill, enthusiasm, and ardor which could make you a success.

When you assert Germany, you right away think about safe and current roads, first-class cars in the global and all forms of technological improvements. All these are the result of tremendous studies and traits inside the engineering and generation field made in Germany.

So it is pretty obvious for any scholar who seems for an engineering degree to first keep in mind his or her take a look at options in Germany.

Check below ten important motives as a way to persuade you Germany is a pinnacle vacation spot for a Master’s degree in engineering, in any specialization you could think of.

1) German universities fee low lessons expenses or none in any respect
Most universities in Germany mainly the public universities fee low or even no lessons expenses to all global students global! They are genuinely called “administrative prices” of round one hundred – 200 EUR/year, that are meant to cowl scholar services, costs such as bus tickets to the university, or the scholar cafeterias.

However, public universities located in Bremen, Lower Saxony, Saarland, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt or Turingia will rate tuition expenses and you will additionally pay lessons in case you enroll in a Master’s diploma in a completely different subject than the only you studied as a Bachelor student.

2) Numerous scholarship opportunities for Engineering students in Germany
Lots of organizations in Germany provide scholarships to global students. These encompass universities, studies groups, government groups, and corporates to name a few.

Scholarships are either dedicated to cowl your lessons charges (if wished) or to support as a minimum part of your monthly monetary expenses, along with lodging, examine substances, and so on.

DAAD and Deutschlandstipendium are a number of the most prolific scholarship vendors, however, there are several different corporations that offer a monetary resource to global students.

3) English-taught programmes in German universities
Germany is one of the pinnacle locations on the listing of non-English speaker countries with a big recognition among international students. This is due to the reality that most universities in Germany offer Master programmes in English mainly devoted to foreign college students. All examine tiers have excessive academic standards inclusive of for engineering and era specializations.

Four) Attend top-ranked universities within the engineering area
German universities are usually present in all reputed college rankings, but they may be additionally stated for their vital contributions to the engineering discipline.

According to QS, right here are top 7 German universities nice ranked in the engineering and technology area in 2017:

Technical University of Munich;
RWTH Aachen University;
Technical University of Berlin;
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology;
University of Stuttgart;
TU Dresden;
The Darmstadt University of Technology.

5) Students revel in a low cost of living
The cost of residing in Germany is lower in comparison to many locations in Europe such as the Scandinavian countries. Students can restriction their expenses to as little as 630 EUR consistent with the month in a number of the smaller German towns, along with:


International students in Germany are allowed to paintings up to 720 hours i.E. 90 complete days in a yr. Part-time jobs paying 7 to 8 euros consistent with hour are tremendously clean to discover and a top-notch manner to earn a few more money.

6) Research and collaboration with the engineering enterprise
Germany has usually been at the vanguard of contemporary research. German universities and centers of research have constantly worked closely with businesses and industries, and advanced near symbiotic and strategic relationships. This gives students exciting possibilities to apply their abilities in real existence scenarios to resolve real troubles.


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