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Android Auto review


Android is growing. While there was once a time while the operating gadget turned into confined on your phone, nowadays there’s Android TV, Android Wear (now called Wear OS), and, of the route, Android Auto. Android Auto has been out for some time now as a way for users to get the blessings of Android of their vehicle; however, it recently obtained a prime improvement – it now supports wireless connectivity. Is Android Auto Wireless definitely that lots of an improvement? And, is it worth buying an in-automobile infotainment gadget just like the Kenwood Excelon DMX905S? We placed Android Auto and Android Auto Wireless to the test to find out.

Installation and setup

One of the tremendous things approximately Android Auto is that it requires nearly no setup. Why? Because the software program doesn’t surely have its very own information – instead, it’s kind of like a shell in your telephone. All your contacts, track possibilities, maps information, and so on all get uploaded straight out of your cell phone in an easy-to-use interface.

One factor you’ll need to do is download the Android Auto app for your phone. Then, Android Auto Wireless has a few conditions that need to be met. For starters, you’ll want to ensure you’ve got a like-minded smartphone, and lamentably the listing of well-suited telephones is restrained to Pixel and the latest Nexus devices, so in case you don’t have one of these phones, you’re out of a good fortune.

Next up, you’ll need to connect your phone to the automobile through a USB cable. It wishes to be related to the machine instead of just a charging port. If your smartphone and automobile are like-minded, Bluetooth must then grow to become on and linked, and the phone might hook up with Android Auto thru Wi-Fi, too. It must then prompt automatically and join automatically whilst you turn to your automobile. Once Android Auto is set up and prepared to head, it could release routinely when you plug it in, or you may want to release it from your car’s infotainment system after plugging for your cell phone or after it connects wirelessly.


Either way, it needs to be clean for Android Auto to release while you turn to your car, although relying on your phone can take a few seconds. A primary-era Google Pixel XL at the Android P beta typically took five-10 seconds to release. However, that could be because the phone itself has bogged downloads lately and is jogging a beta model of Android.

User interface

Because it’s aimed toward getting used while using, Google has long passed out of its way to make Android Auto simple, and simple it’s far. The trendy interface is divided into five monitors, even though you may best find yourself using three of those. The fundamental display screen is a Google Now-type display, and it suggests such things as lately performed music and podcasts that you may hold gambling, quick access to places that you can navigate, and so on.

Tap on one of those playing cards, and also you’ll be taken to the best display. For instance, if your faucet is on a navigational card, you’ll be taken to the Google Maps screen, which is also quickly accessible by tapping the bottom left icon at the menu bar. To the proper of this is your cellphone app. Then there’s a home show, then audio manage display, after which a very last tab that genuinely gave us the option to “Return to Kenwood Home“ (we tested Android Auto on the Kenwood Excelon DMX905S).

In trendy, it’s a pleasant interface and boundaries distraction. Icons are excellent and big, whilst facts are easy to peer at a glance, which means you can preserve your eyes on the street as tons as possible. It is a slight change compared to an on-sprint smartphone mount, and also, you’ll get used to moving your eyes a touch more to peer maps – even though some may favor using voice navigation anyways. It does seem as although Google desires to iron out a few troubles. For starters, at some stage in this review, the brand new Google Podcasts app got here out, although even when using the app frequently, it didn’t certainly display up on the home display screen.

Instead, 1/2-performed podcasts from Google Play Music showed up, even though we have been in reality the use of Google Podcasts as an alternative or even had playback controls at the smartphone. You could, luckily, get the right of entry to Podcasts through voice controls or immediately to your telephone. Considering it’s a Google product, we think Android Auto aid ought to had been there at launch.

Speaking of apps, some can be like-minded with Android Auto, but not a ton. The major ones consist of the likes of Spotify and Waze. When it involves messaging, Facebook Messenger supports Android Auto, too. On Auto, you can faucet on a notification to have the message examine out to you, then respond using your voice. Another quirk is that sometimes, while we used Google Assistant to make a telephone name, it appeared to shut Android Auto and make the decision through the car’s infotainment machine instead of Android Auto’s dialer. That meant that once the call became over, we needed to open up Android Auto again manually. That regarded to handiest take place with voice controls – we ought to still go to the dialer and manually make a name, which could use the Android Auto telephone app. It’s a weird trojan horse, and we’re no longer quite positive why it’s there.

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