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Arming Today’s Kids to Cope: Positive Education the Key to Developing Resilient, Self-Confident Kids, Studies Show


FORT WORTH, Texas, June 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — With faculty shootings, bullying, and teen depression achieving a crescendo, hundreds of educators from around the world are assemblies in Fort Worth this week on the World Positive Education Accelerator June 25–28 to address the growing variety of youngsters struggling to cope with college, their peers or society is widespread.

“Essentially, we’re meeting in Fort Worth and remodeling what 21st-century international education looks like,” says Sir Anthony Seldon, president of The International Positive Education Network (IPEN), a co-convener of the 4-day conference. “We want educators to walk away empowered with the equipment, sources, and connections to make actual, lasting change.”

The want is excessive. Statistics paint a grim picture, with studies showing one in 5 kids will revel in a first-rate depressive episode before graduating from excessive faculty. Many input universities are not able to tolerate points of view aside from their very own. Alarmingly, employers locate that new grads getting into the team of workers lack the “soft skills” needed to prevail inside the administrative center, together with tolerance, powerful communication, or essential thinking.

Conference attendees from as a ways away as Australia, the U.K., Latin America, and Dubai are sharing results in their studies approximately how making use of superb psychology — the medical observe of fantastic human functioning and high-quality training and its utility inside the schoolroom — can result in the improvement of resilient folks, examine greater and exhibit a attitude of nicely-being.


Together with friends worldwide, U.S. Public and private faculty teachers, in addition to policymakers, are getting to know extra approximately what tremendous education is and a way to integrate the contemporary research into curriculums that raise student properly-being, resilience, and “grit.” The assembly is the biggest of its type ever held and presents modern but realistic, science-primarily based tools and solutions that may be carried out in school rooms.

Keynote speakers encompass Angela Duckworth, Ph.D., author of the great-selling ebook Grit: the Power of Passion and Perseverance; and Martin Seligman, Ph.D., founder of advantageous psychology, beyond president of the American Psychological Association and author of Flourish and The Hope Circuit, whose modern-day assignment is to convert social science to work on growing strengths, nice emotion, precise relationships and meaning in lifestyles.

Topics consist of “Empathy, an Antidote to Aggression,” “Raising Confident Children,” and “Future-Proofing Our Youth — Positive Psychology as an Antidote to a Rapidly Changing World,” along with classes that focus on peer pressure, decreasing discipline problems, and bullying.

Co-convening, the conference alongside IPEN, is Champlain College’s David L. Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry, builders of a strength-based method growing a fine framework for an alternate in training. The company world, public provider, and somewhere else. Organizers say that conference attendees utilize appreciative inquiry to generate concrete results that turn the idea into a lasting movement.

The past two a long time have introduced many adjustments to the world of education, a number of it effective, lots of it bad. Regarding the latter, perhaps the most telling is that the US continues to fall in the back of other nations in technological know-how, analyzing, and math. Many elements are contributing to this downfall. For instance, there remains a huge socioeconomic gap with increasing students in poverty. Impoverished students cannot be predicted to analyze if their fundamental desires aren’t met. Just as an opening in socioeconomic repute is widening, so is the fulfillment hole. Minority students tend to lag behind their friends in teachers.

Politicians have not made the U.S. Training machine any higher. For example, politicians and supporters of the No Child Left Behind Act closely sell standardized exams. Standardized tests perpetuate grouping, such that decrease socioeconomic students are tracked in decrease-achieving clusters. Standardized assessments encourage rote getting to know instead of deeply gaining knowledge of standards.

Many politicians are insistent on doing away with instructors’ rights. For instance, many politicians need advantage pay for teachers. Merit pay does not take into consideration the natural composition of training. In other words, a few lessons inherently have decrease achieving college students. Therefore, take a look at rankings that could be decreased and subsequently decrease pay. A similar instance of being against instructor rights is what took place these days in Wisconsin. Its governor struck down collective bargaining, correctly casting off better operating conditions and tenure. If the U.S. Follows in this fashion, the U.S. Can not be anticipated to preserve and hire extraordinary instructors.

The weakening economy has been detrimental to schooling. Many applications have been reducing or decreased, along with foreign languages. Cutting overseas language education is foolish as languages assist us in competing in a global market. Other international locations mandate that scholars learn a second language from the youngest of a long time, the U.S. Lags. Furthermore, magnificence size has multiplied. The student-to-teacher ratio has gotten worse, developing havoc for teachers and less private time with college students.

Another thing greatly affecting schooling is that of an era. Technology has been each a blessing and a curse. Regarding the curse, technology may also play a role in widening the fulfillment hole. Those who’re decreased socioeconomically have less get right of entry to the technology. Technology is a giant fee for districts. Thanks to technology, including cameras on phones and texting, student dishonesty has emerged as extra state-of-the-art and tougher to catch.

Regarding the blessings of generation, college students can research topics at the frenzy of a button. Never earlier than has to learn approximately any topic been as comfortably reachable. Computer programs assist students in learning new talents. Computer applications for instructors allow educators numerous lesson plans and assist in maintaining grades accurately.

A useful academic movement, character schooling, is in reaction to a negative fashion, societal incivility. Character training is school-huge efforts to educate college students about being part of a community by encouraging fantastic individual tendencies, e.G. Honesty, trustworthiness, perseverance, hard work, and so on.

Education will in no way be brief of tendencies. Education is a mirrored image of society and vice versa. As cited above, incivility created person education. Technology creates various learning experiences. The positives are combined with the negatives. It may additionally appear that the negatives massively outnumber the positives. This may be the case, but over time tendencies can trade. Let’s desire traits will all over again prefer the U.S. So we can yet again be the chief in education.

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