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Flurry of education-related action expected this week


BUSY DAYS AHEAD: This week, a revamp of the federal career, and technical education application, a Trump management inspiration to merge the Education and Labor departments and Education Department funding will all get air time on Capitol Hill.

— Multiple school safety-associated events are scheduled in Washington and outdoor the Beltway. On top of that, the Supreme Court could rule as early as nowadays on a carefully watched case that challenges the charges that public employee unions acquire from nonmembers to cover collective bargaining prices. Here’s your manual:

— Career and technical training:

On Tuesday, the Senate HELP Committee is scheduled to mark up a bill to reauthorize the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act. Your host suggested Sunday that a bipartisan agreement has been reached to update the law, which dictates how the federal government spends approximately $1 billion each yr on career and technical education applications.

The House exceeded a bipartisan invoice, H.R. 2353 (one hundred fifteen), remaining summer season.— If surpassed with the aid of the Senate, it might mark a primary step towards the regulation’s first substantial overhaul in greater than a decade. But inside the Senate, HELP Chairman Lamar Alexander has long driven further to curtail the Education secretary’s authority underneath the law. The bill gives states vast authority to increase their very own development plans. Still, if states don’t meet their goals at a sure stage, then the Education secretary may ultimately want to keep them accountable. The hearing starts at 2:30 p.M. In 430 Dirksen.

— Merger plan:

On Wednesday, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee will scrutinize the Trump administration reorganization plan that could create a brand new organization referred to as the “Department of Education and the Workforce” — or DEW. While Alexander has stated he’ll evaluate the idea, and House schooling Chairwoman Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.) has praised it, this listening should offer the extra perception of Congress’ thinking. The hearing starts offevolved at 10 a.M. In 2154 Rayburn.


— Education Department funding:

A Senate Appropriations subcommittee will mark up the spending bill that funds the Education Department at eleven a.M. Tuesday in 138 Dirksen. The full Senate Appropriations Committee on Thursday will then mark it up at 10:30 a.M. In 106 Dirksen. Meanwhile, the House Appropriations Committee has scheduled a markup at 10 a.M. Tuesday on its spending bill that budgets the department. It’s at 1100 Longworth.

— School safety:

Today, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is in Reno, Nev., to address the National Association of School Resource Officers School Safety Conference. The speech begins at noon Eastern time. The session is a federal school protection fee member, so one can hold its 2nd public listening consultation on Tuesday in Lexington, Ky., beginning at 1 p.M. Eastern.

— Separately, Mick Zais, deputy secretary of Education, will cope with college safety on Thursday before the Security Industry Association’s GovSummit, and again on Friday earlier than the Education Commission of the States’ national discussion board. Both of Zais’ speeches are in Washington.

— Supreme Court:

With the high court docket’s session coming to a close soon, a ruling in Janus v. AFSCME appears forthcoming — possibly even as early as nowadays. With Justice Neil Gorsuch at the bench, it’s widely anticipated that a majority of the justices will rule in prefer of Janus, probable placing down organization fees as unconstitutional. Such an outcome might be a political blow to teachers’ unions.


A coalition of 34 countrywide Asian Pacific American agencies says it rejects the notion that most Asian American Pacific Islanders oppose the affirmative motion. The group issued an announcement Friday in response to New York Times coverage of a lawsuit alleging discrimination in opposition to Asian Americans in Harvard University’s admissions policies. The National Council of Asian Pacific Americans calls the argument a “fake narrative” that exists to power a wedge between its network and different minority and underserved communities.

— After examining Harvard’s statistics, the council said it does no longer believe there has been “intentional or implicit bias against Asian American applicants.” “If we did conclude that Harvard’s admissions regulations had been impacted through implicit bias towards our community, we might maximum sincerely voice our problem. We strongly guide admission rules that purpose to make schools and universities more various, and we stand in unity with other groups of color,” the declaration stated. The case is the latest check for affirmative action at colleges and is being watched intently across the better education network.


On Friday, the Oklahoma Supreme Court tossed out a petition in search of rolling again tax hikes designed to fund trainer increases. The country legislature exceeded the bundle of tax hikes just before teachers released a statewide strike in April for more schooling investment and better pay. The referendum to dispose of the tax hikes changed into backed by way of Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite!, an anti-tax organization led by former GOP Sen. Tom Coburn. Read greater from Caitlin Emma.

— Meanwhile, in Arizona, the Arizona Republic reviews that the kingdom board of education will now not remember these days whether or not to punish instructors who participated in their kingdom’s instructor walkout. The board has been set to get hold of prison advice on whether it had any authority to subject striking teachers.

ICYMI: HHS has created an “unaccompanied youngsters reunification undertaking pressure,” a first step in the direction of reunifying hundreds of migrant children in the company’s custody with their families, consistent with an internal report received using POLITICO. The undertaking pressure changed into set up using the assistant secretary for preparedness and reaction — the arm of the agency that responds to public health failures, and an indication that the challenge of reunifying lots of households is probably past the capabilities of the refugee office. Read more from Dan Diamond.


— Melania Trump tells children to be a “nice force” in every other’s lives: POLITICO.

— Charter faculty founded via Southwest Key desires to educate immigrant kids housed at the nonprofit’s shelters: Dallas Morning News.

— Lawsuits over doctor’s alleged intercourse abuse ought to price USC loads of hundreds of thousands: LA Times.

— Special education advocates worry Texas governor’s college safety plan will accelerate school-to-prison pipeline: Texas Tribune.

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