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Bangladesh’s mobile subscribers hit 150 mln in May


DHAKA, June 28 (Xinhua) — The general number of Bangladesh’s cell smartphone subscribers hit 150 million at the cease of May with 5.61 million new users within the first 5 months of the yr, facts of u. S .’s telecom regulator showed Thursday. According to records from the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC), the range of subscribers in the country reached a hundred and fifty.727 million in May. Bangladesh now has 4 cellular groups; 3 of them are overseas-backed cellphone operators.

According to the statistics of u . S .’s telecom regulator, the range of Bangladesh’s mobile smartphone subscribers turned into one hundred forty-five .114 million on the quiet of December 2017. Bangladesh is quickly growing as a small enterprise middle. There are masses of small and micro-enterprise opportunities. Setting up and walking an enterprise is full of demanding situations, but possibilities continually welcome individuals equipped to take demanding situations. Below is a list of practicable business thoughts.

1- Grocery Store with Delivery Service:

Something that saves the time of busy people has incredible commercial enterprise capability. Starting a small grocery save with a transport option can be a superb business.

2- Tea & Breakfast Corner:

Tea is the most famous drink anywhere in Bangladesh has a large business capacity in towns like Dhaka. With breakfast and snacks to compliment, you could install a small-scale yet profitable commercial enterprise. You may be extraordinary from different uneducated tea dealers with the aid of purifiers and higher searching teacups. Your tea stall has to have a touch of creativity.

3- Fast Food Spot:

Fast meals are as famous in Dhaka as in any other town in Bangladesh. A small meals cart with initial funding of TK.10,000-Tk.25,000 can have a terrific scope in only any busy place.

mobile subscribers

4- Fresh Juice Kiosk:

It’s one of the low-value enterprise concepts that may be hooked up inside TK. 5,000 – 7,000. However, success depends on the product you offer, and you must have the enterprise installation in the proper place.

5- Organic Food Production & Delivery:

Since a huge populace in Dhaka is most involved in their health, they love shopping for natural. If you very own a small or massive location for cultivation or rent one, beginning natural gardening is one of the worthwhile thoughts. You can develop one for your roof pinnacle. You can grow and deliver at the doorstep for their great revel in and your income.

6- Small Bakery:

Let it be a small town or a big city; people normally buy Bakery, making it an evergreen enterprise. Still, with a twist, you could enter within the market and grasp your percentage, with the aid of offering custom cakes, fast shipping, making massive orders, partnering with the company for bulk orders, and so on! You may additionally locate a variety of them already working.

7- Home Cooked Food Delivered on Doorstep:

Desiring freshly cooked self-made meals throughout lunchtime is commonplace among working magnificence, and there may be a huge population in Bangladesh that would like the concept!

8- Catering Business:

Let it be a commercial enterprise, spiritual or non-public occasion; they all want high-quality catering. Starting one will, in reality, need funding, but it is no longer that excessive!

9- Bed & Breakfast:

If you are the proprietor of large belongings and feature many extra rooms in your house, don’t forget to allow them to out to the travelers. This will help you to earn short coins in your unused area. This is after the property is positioned in cultural heritages, lush landscapes, airports, and places of traveler interest.

10- Everything Tk. 1-99 Gift Shop:

Everyone loves to offer and get hold of items; however, regularly, budget constraints do no longer allow. With a finances present store, you permit extra people to revel in the activities, and so you get higher income!

11- Tailoring:

Though it is greater of women tailoring, a big male population also wants the offerings. Starting one of these businesses with a companion specializing in women tailoring simultaneously as different is excellent at men’s clothing may be profitable!

12- Photography & Videography:

Showcase your photography skills with a short portfolio or do some voluntary photography at numerous wedding ceremonies and corporate activities to get observed.

13- Home Based Gym:

If you have a spare room in your private home and can spend money on some machines, it’s one profitable commercial enterprise idea, but your schooling shall be elegance apart.

14- Tutoring:

Let it’s tutoring number one lessons or college students; the capacity is usually there if you are exactly explaining the standards!

15- Mobile Phones/Gadgets Repair:

A massive section of people who do now not purchase new device or machine till the time they have a working device in their hand would really like this service Though there’re too many presents already, why not to sell your enterprise online, get evaluations and end up a true repair corporation!

16. Website Business:

You can start a web development business. All you need is a computing device or a laptop and a quiet vicinity to unleash your creativity. Of route, you want to attain the necessary capabilities to be an internet developer. It can be a totally worthwhile commercial enterprise without investing an awful lot.

17- Tech/Gadgets Shop:

There is a big marketplace for tech and gadgets at each place for the duration of the arena and as a result, commencing an enterprise that sells tech products is a clever alternative. Irrespective of the type of enterprise, it will require PCs and their accessories.

18- Online Retailing:

Buying merchandise from a wholesale market, after which promoting the identical online is the ideal money-making proposition. You can make use of commercials to locate new clients. You want to brainstorm what humans may be looking for.

19- Webpreneur:

Becoming one in a city like Dhaka is none too tough, as it has all of the generation and infrastructure to let you explore the web and build up your personal empire online. Let it’s a nearby data internet site, metropolis deals website, or just whatever that creates a fee for locals or a broader community, deliver it on!

20- Software Firm:

Dhaka is the maximum fertile floor for software program agencies to grow. If you are an excellent programmer and have more than one extra professional with you, you may set up a fast-growing software program agency in Bangladesh.

21- Small Scale Cloth Shop:

People in Bangladesh do buy readymade garments. However, a huge populace prefers shopping for the fabric to get it stitched in step with their specs. This is why the fabric stores are greater famous than readymade garments. It may be pretty worthwhile in case you begin small and goal a selected financial organization!

22- Readymade Garments:

Well, this one will need terrific funding to begin; however, the profitability is in finding the price-powerful provider and cheap transportation.

23- Photo Copier:

The carrier is lots needed within the industrial hubs otherwise close by educations institutes. And, most of these places do have such offerings; however, you could discover a few hotspots close to public courts, government workplaces, and many others.

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