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Brexit and general doom and gloom is partly down to our obsession with money


A wide variety of new articles in The Independent make for miserable studying, which includes the visit of Professor Alston to research poverty in the UK on behalf of the UN, the divergence of the UK and Europe over Brexit, and the radicalization of young humans. One of the motives for all this is an overemphasis on cash, each at a character and countrywide stage. Money is critical of direction; however, considering how our United States appears, the importance of values, a phrase our modern top minister regularly uses but fails to illustrate, has been misplaced. Like in the US, a country we appear intent on emulating, monetary and financial metrics are now the holy grail. I believe an obsession with profit, profits, and clothing fulfillment ultimately leads to failure. On the other hand, a focal point on fairness, admiration, community, happiness, and inclusion is much more likely to result in fulfillment and, counterintuitively, monetary achievement.

Alistair Wood


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Who ate all of the salad?

With the information that you. S. A. It is set to expire because of the unparalleled tiers of salad ingesting for the heatwave duration; the question is who may be the first to get a letter in a newspaper explaining why it’s all the SNP’s fault.

Mark Boyle
Johnstone, Renfrewshire


Don’t neglect approximately the classical tune scene in Oxford.

How can you, in all likelihood, write a feature about the pinnacle of ten things to do in Oxford without connection with the classical track? It is going on there each day, in many unique forms, and the tourists will lack out if they don’t enjoy it. Music at Oxford, the Oxford Lieder Festival, Oxford Bach Soloists, to call professional activities; sung evensongs using world-famous choirs at schools including Magdalen, New College, and Christ Church; and any variety of scholar concert events every day of the week in period time. The School of Track houses an excellent series of historical instruments like the Ashmolean Museum. It is all there, awaiting us.

Sally Dunkley

Hillsborough families have waited for a long-term

Better past due than never: former South Yorkshire Police leader superintendent David Duckendive faces ninety-five manslaughter fees in Preston Crown Court.

Eddie Dougall
Bury St Edmunds

The national provider isn’t always the answer

In the primary example, the national carrier validates the belief of the national kingdom, and by making it compulsory, the individual is the possession of the country. That’s no longer a smart circulate. At least 1/2 of UK citizens will have an issue with that. They aren’t going to cooperate, nor be made to. However, a new notion of a present-day diploma at 18, fashioned of a three-12 months program of schooling, languages, tasks, based work revel in, possibly military service if chosen, social contribution, travel (showing a capacity to evolve to a brand new network) and look at is a legitimate one. This produces experienced, balanced graduates with usefulness who can be productive on day one. The downside is that the belief is too complicated for populist politicians and tabloids to understand, let alone promote to voters exercise a median 11-12 months-vintage mind. Sadly, that’s the trouble with all real answers.

Michael Fletcher
Lodsworth, West Sussex


France will convey the return of the obligatory national provider for younger people. The national provider may be the answer. The national carrier is probably a great aspect. Traveling overseas for commercial enterprise has uncovered me between countries, cultures, and conditions, making me grateful for being born and growing up where I am. Our useful overseas resource budget can be utilized to reveal young people (who may properly be of a postgraduate age) to this stuff, even helping others and constructing effective relationships. This could include any use. However, it needs to consist of time spent in poorer groups.

This technique will work better and loads faster when you FIRST put off your limiting beliefs/values regarding YOU and MONEY. The diploma of fulfillment you could assume to use this technique will closely rely on (1) the number of proscribing beliefs/values you may identify and put off and (2) how regularly you’re using the approach explained below. Most gurus and professionals seldom state the FORMAT you may be instructed to apply. It is the COMMAND format/mode. You will COMMAND yourself to do certain matters and perform certain obligations — much like an emperor does not beg. Still, he offers commands with absolute authority to all the topics in his empire. This compelling layout works best in different formats (present worrying, first man or woman “I,” and many others).

In a new biography of multi-billionaire Warren Buffett being posted, the author explains that Warren Buffett is OBSESSED to make money. It turned into and still is an all-ingesting obsession. One of the perfect and only ways of imprinting that obsession in your Subconscious thoughts is using the COMMAND mode/format.


You MUST use it in at least THREE instances per day.

AM – Do it for five-10 minutes when you awaken in the morning

PM – Do it for five-10 mins while you fall asleep at night

DURING THE DAY – Do it also if you have a few unfastened times at some point. Do it as normally as feasible.


Suppose a way to hypnotize yourself is to use self-hypnosis to position yourself in a deep trance (hypnotic) country. Place yourself in a comfy position. Close your eyes and take several deep breaths to locate yourself in a deeper, more comfortable country. Once deeply secure, the correct COMMANDS are to be repeated again and again for 5-10 minutes. Allow those COMMANDS to sink deeper and deeper into your Subconscious thoughts without making any effort whatsoever.

The MORE you try and FORCE things, the GREATER the Subconscious resistance will be, and the LONGER it will take a good way to gain your desired quit result — in case you get it in any respect. That is all there’s to it. If and most effective if you experience at ease and it comes NATURAL to you, you could need to visualize money coming to you from all assets and every route in super avalanches of abundance. But that is NOT vital. Keep it as simple as feasible.

Geneva A. Crawford
Twitter nerd. Coffee junkie. Prone to fits of apathy. Professional beer geek. Spent several years buying and selling magma in Miami, FL. Spent a year lecturing about psoriasis in Las Vegas, NV. Managed a small team writing about circus clowns in Las Vegas, NV. Garnered an industry award while writing about lint in the financial sector. Spoke at an international conference about getting my feet wet with dust in Libya. Spoke at an international conference about researching rocking horses in Bethesda, MD.