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Check Out 5 Celebrities’ Favorite MAC Lipsticks


If there are matters we adore unequivocally, it’s celebrities and low-priced makeup. So, when the 2 unite, you may agree that we’re freaking excited about it. And thanks to Reddit, we now have a list of the MAC lipsticks celebrities swear through, which means no greater digging to track down Madonna‘s well-known red hue or Jennifer Aniston‘s signature color from “Friends.” The feed point of MAC lipsticks hits at $18.50, which isn’t the most inexpensive according to se, however, nor is it ringing in at a cool $ fifty-four, like Tom Ford’s. Thus, our exhilaration across the listing stands. Yesterday, Redditor @lilpinkpanties commenced a thread: “curious about which MAC lipsticks celebrities have admitted to sporting often and/or made famous,” before listing off some celebrities and their go-to’s.

Now, even if these starlets don’t wear the coloration anymore (i.E. Kim Kardashian, who has on account that created her own nude lipstick), they did repeatedly once upon a time. Don’t fear; we did some fact-checking of our personal, and with the handiest one mistakes, the listing becomes pretty legit. So, preserve reading to peer some of our favorites from the iconic MAC sun shades listing and get prepared for low-priced recreation.

Madonna: Russian Red
madonna Check Out five Celebrities Favorite MAC Lipsticks
Ron Galella, Ltd./WireImage/Getty Images

The coloration turned into made specifically for Madonna at some stage in her 1990 Blonde Ambition tour because she wanted something that wouldn’t put on off all through performances.

$18.50 at MAC

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Kim Kardashian: Angel
Kim lipstick Check Out five Celebrities Favorite MAC Lipsticks
M.A.C Cosmetics

In 2014, Kimmie K. Made this nude frosty lip well-known, and it’s now not tough to look why. It nevertheless offers an appropriate pink today.

MAC Lipsticks

$18.50 at MAC

Taylor Swift: Ruby Woo

As you may see, because Swift located Ruby Woo in 2009, she’s been wearing it at her concerts essentially 24/7.

$18.50 at MAC

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Jennifer Aniston: Paramount

The color visible constantly on Aniston’s “Friends” individual Rachel Green is the right mix of brown and brick.

$18.50 at MAC

January Jones: Vegas Volt

There’s nothing better than a coral shade to suit Jones’s “Mad Men” person, Betty Draper, for all her fiery goodness.

$18.50 at MAC

When it comes to lipsticks, MAC lipsticks are considered one of the first-class in business. The Mac lipsticks are available in a ramification of beautiful shades. However, it isn’t clean to choose one from diverse options. Selecting a great lipstick majorly relies upon your skin tone and age. Cost can be another thing; however, thankfully, Mac lipstick prices aren’t as excessive, so that you can choose a one without traumatic approximately your budget. Following is a list of 7 lovely sun shades of 2016, backed by using the MAC emblem, if you want to help you decide on the best color honestly. Check out the relaxation of the list on Reddit to see the favorite MAC shades of Kylie Jenner, Nikki Minaj, and Katie Holmes, too. Let’s take a look approximately those Mac lipsticks.

1. MAC All Fired Up

MAC All Fired Up

This vivid and sensational red lipstick offers an unfashionable matte end. Its color is rich and mysterious that remains lengthy all day. Mac All Fired Up is absolutely a perfect shade for any bride, in line with splendor specialists. But don’t forget, it can additionally make your lips dry due to its extra matte. Another downside associated with this product is that it isn’t widely to be had within the market.

2. MAC Lady Danger

MAC Lady Danger

If you’re fancy approximately matt orange, it is one of the nice lipstick sunglasses to choose from. This is especially applicable in summers. Due to the non-drying, long-lasting, and non-flaking effect, Mac Lady Danger is made for all pores and skin tones. The hot undertones of the lipstick make it perfect for nighttime put on. But keep in mind, it can not be used as an informal and/or workplace put on.

3. MAC Diva

MAC Diva

The coloration of the lipstick is fantastically pigmented as a way to make you a naughty girl sincerely. Mac Diva comes with a burgundy maroon matte color, and that is why considered perfect for deeper pores and skin tones. You don’t even want to feature a liner with this coloration as it glides perfectly to your lips. The simplest important downside related to this product is its rate, that’s a bit pricey. However, you could purchase it at a far better rate by using any regionally acknowledged buying contrast internet site.

4. MAC Rebel

MAC Rebel

If you need to make your lips as terrific as purple wine, MAC Rebel is for you. It is one of the most lovely and fresh colors for the winters. It can live intact for approx. 4 to 5 hours effortlessly because of its non-drying composition. And first-rate of all, it does not leave any strains after making use of the lipstick. It may be applied as a stain as nicely. However, Rebel is not a protracted-live product.

5. MAC Velvet Teddy

MAC Velvet Teddy

Mac Velvet Teddy is a high-quality nude brown shade that you could be carried out on any occasion. It is a matte finish lipstick that offers medium to finish coverage. It also makes use of a non-drying formula in its composition, just like Mac Rebel. Your lips will stay hydrated, and the shade would not feather or streak. The shade of the Velvet Teddy can continue to be intact for approx. Four to 5 hours. But recall, it isn’t always encouraged for dark pores and skin tones.

6. MAC Viva Glam V

MAC Viva Glam V

This Mac lipstick is famous because of its own precise red shade. And if you are looking for a complete sublime coloration and sleek end, Viva Glam V is one of the excellent enterprises. It would not use any difficult substances in its composition, and that is why you definitely experience tender and feathering impact after using this lipstick.

7. MAC Partyline

MAC Partyline

Last but no longer least, Mac Partyline lipstick is a pinnacle lipstick of the Mac line. Its dense maroon color is creamy, which makes your lips glossy and hydrated. As the call shows, it’s miles best for parties and special activities just like the cocktail, as it remains intact for a long term. With having this lipstick on your lips, you usually look fabulous and feel confident. In short, it’s miles a must-have beauty product, especially for birthday party lovers. The most important disadvantage of the product is that it can lose its coloration intensity.

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