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Mac’d, a build-your-own mac-and-cheese restaurant, is coming to the Marina


The eating area at 3347 Fillmore St. Within the Marina keeps drawing new blood. After years as a Japanese eating place, it was later taken as Gypsy Darling, an assortment of American dishes, after which it became a Filipino restaurant. A construct-it-your-self mac-and-cheese outfit referred to as Mac is shifting in. The shop is administered through first-time restaurateurs Chen-Chen Huo and Jason Brown, a couple of Bay Area natives who launched the idea as a pop-up called Mix & Mac about six months ago and built a cult following while bouncing among food galas, breweries, cafes, and catering gigs. The Marina spot is their first brick-and-mortar location.

The duo is planning to have it open in September. “We signed a rent at 3347 Fillmore St. By Chestnut and Fillmore inside the Marina District…Our place is in a sweet spot of hooked-up bars and eating places, and the building itself is a stunning area that we’re quickly making our very own. We’re excited to convey our power into the community, with appropriate beers, track, and even a full-screen projector for huge video games and unique occasions,” Huo and Brown said on their Indiegogo page.

Here’s a crash direction in Mac: Diners choose a bechamel-based totally cheese sauce and a pasta kind, after which they proceed to combine in the entirety from broccoli, bacon, and rotisserie hen to hot puppies chorizo, lobster, kimchi, Hot Cheetos, and truffle oil. The alternatives pass on. Huo and Brown said they would reshape the menu based totally on input from diners. “We wish to create a community area inviting our customers to get innovative with us. Dreamed up a fantastic mix-in that we do not have? Pitch it to us, and it can emerge as on our ever-converting board of customizable alternatives thoroughly,” the post reads.


Top 7 Best Mac Lipsticks of 2016

When it comes to lipsticks, MAC lipsticks are considered one of the best in the business. The Mac lipsticks are to be had in a selection of beautiful sun shades. However, it isn’t smooth to choose one from various alternatives. Choosing a super lipstick majorly depends on your skin tone and age. The cost may be everything else, but fortunately, Mac lipstick costs are not as high, so you can select one without stressing your finances. Following is a listing of 7 stunning sun shades of 2016, sponsored through the MAC logo, so that you can help you decide on the proper shade. Let’s take a glance at those Mac lipsticks.

1. MAC All Fired Up

This brilliant and sensational red lipstick offers an unfashionable matte finish. Its color is rich and mysterious and stays all day long. Mac All Fired Up is virtually an excellent color for any bride, in step with beauty experts. But do not forget, it may also dry your lips because it is matte. Another drawback of this product is that it isn’t always widely available.

2. MAC Lady Danger

If you fancy approximately matt orange, it’s one of the first-class lipstick shades to opt for. This is particularly appropriate in summer. Due to non-drying, lengthy-lasting, and non-flaking effects, Mac Lady Danger is made for all pores and skin tones. The hot undertones of the lipstick make it perfect for nighttime wear. However, it can not be used as informal and workplace wear.

3. MAC Diva

The coloration of the lipstick is notably pigmented, which makes you an arrogant female virtually. Mac Diva comes with a burgundy maroon matte shade, which is why it is ideal for deeper pores and skin tones. You don’t need to feature a liner with this color because it glides perfectly on your lips. The most effective fundamental disadvantage associated with this product is its charge, which is a bit steeply priced. However, you could buy it at a miles higher rate using any domestically acknowledged purchasing evaluation website.

4. MAC Rebel

MAC Rebel is for you if you need to make your lips as splendid as purple wine. It is one of the most lovely and clean colors for the winter. It can live intact for approx. It lasts four to five hours effortlessly because of its non-drying composition. Best of all, it leaves no traces after applying the lipstick. It may be applied properly as a stain. However, Rebel isn’t a protracted stay product.

5. MAC Velvet Teddy

Mac Velvet Teddy is a super nude brown shade you can apply at any event. It is a matte finish lipstick that gives medium-to-finish coverage. It also uses a non-drying formulation in its composition, similar to Mac Rebel. Your lips will continue to be hydrated, and the coloration might now not feather or streak. The shade of the Velvet Teddy can continue to be intact for approx. Four to 5 hours. But bear in mind it isn’t recommended for dark skin tones.

6. MAC Viva Glam V

This Mac lipstick is famous due to its precise red color. And if you are trying to find a sublime color and sleek finish, Viva Glam V is one of the first-class commercial enterprises. It does not use any hard substances in its composition, and that’s why you sense a genuinely smooth and feathering effect after using this lipstick.

7. MAC Partyline

Last but not least, Mac Party line lipstick is the top lipstick of the Mac line. Its dense maroon color is creamy, which makes your lips sleek and hydrated. As the name suggests, it’s miles best for events and unique activities like the cocktail as it stays intact long term. With this lipstick on your lips, you always appear terrific and confident. It’s a should-have splendor product, particularly for birthday party lovers. The important drawback of the product is that it can lose its shade intensity.


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