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Computer expert: Some voting machines can be directly hacked


A PC technology professor told the Senate Intelligence Committee Wednesday that balloting machines that create a digital report of the electorate’s decisions are open to fraud and computer hacking, vulnerabilities that can be huge enough to change a few elections’ final results potentially. Rep. Thomas Massie expects the Senate health care invoice to appearance very unique from the House invoice. Watch Full Screen. J. Alex Halderman, professor of PC science at Michigan University, stated he and his team started out studying “direct-recording electronic” (DRE) balloting machines 10 years in the past and discovered that “we should reprogram the device to cause any candidate to win invisibly. We also created malicious software — vote-stealing code — that might spread from machine to machine like a laptop virus and silently exchange the election outcome.”

Halderman’s testimony comes as the committee is attempting to assess the scope of Russia’s attempts to spread disinformation within the 2016 election ando its efforts to hack into U.S. Voting systems. As a computer technology professor, Halderman has now not only run academic trials on hacking vote casting machines, he has additionally run real-time examples. “The one example when I became invited to hack a real vote casting system at the same time as humans were looking became in Washington D.C in 2010, and in that example, it took less than forty-eight hours for us to change all of the votes and we were now not stuck,” Halderman said approximately the test.

The committee has heard testimony for months now that Russia’s efforts to disrupt the 2016 elections were now not a one-time strive and that the threats will keep growing and become greater state-of-the-art. The committee has heard from multiple specialists who stated that the Russian efforts in 2016 did not bring about any modified votes. Additionally, now not all states or nearby election jurisdictions use the DRE balloting machined defined with the aid of Haldeman. But Halderman said he does not accept as true with claims that because some voting machines are not linked to the Internet, they may be by hook or crook safe. “Attacking the IT systems of providers and municipalities may want to position the Russians in a role to sabotage equipment on election day, inflicting balloting machines or electronic ballot books to fail, resulting in long lines or different disruptions,” Halderman stated.


Computer Monitors – Is Higher Resolution Better? Part 1

We live in a global where absolutely everyone wishes greater and larger is higher. But we also know that isn’t always real! No one wishes a larger pimple or greater STDs! Sometimes having more is just unnecessary. Like more of the equipment that includes furnishings, you want to assemble yourself. Pixels are the same manner. The human eye can most effectively understand such a lot of pixels. Imagine pixels as sand. When you’re standing at the seaside, you could see the grains of sand; however, when you are standing on a cliff searching on the seashore, you can recognize its sand; however, you cannot simply see the grains anymore.

Pixels work in an equal manner. Get near enough, and you can see that a pixel is an honestly smaller red, green, and blue lighting fixtures running collectively to make you spot a one-of-a-kind color while you are in addition away. Get far sufficient away from your screen, and all you will see is a light inside the distance. So the real trick is sitting at the choicest viewing distance to your PC monitor. That is determined using the resolution and the dimensions of the monitor. The higher the resolution, the smaller the pixels, the bigger the monitor, the larger the pixels.

So knowing those two pieces of statistics, you can discover the most desirable viewing distance. This is because the human eye can best perceive info as small as 1/sixtieth of a diploma of art. However, I’ll spare you the mathematics and provide a few examples.

Monitor Size——–Aspect Ratio——-Resolution—–Optimal Distance

So as you could see any in addition away than 1.5 toes from a 22.5-inch 4k display, and you stop seeing 4k in any case. Eventually, you get to 1080p around three toes. In between 1.Five and three toes, you do have better than 1080p. However, this introduces a brand new issue. Operating structures aren’t built for resolutions better than 1080p which causes the textual content on lots of the interfaces to be visually smaller. While there is software to help this, it does not restore all text and frequently reasons different text to be an awful lot large than important.

When you are sitting nearer than the most excellent distance, you notice all the viable information, and not using a loss is nice. For a good way to virtually enjoy a 4k monitor, you need a huge, very costly reveal and all of the hardware to aid gaming at that decision which is also very expensive. Follow our blog on gaming and research approximately how you can afford a Gaming PC and explore the opportunities with Apsis Computers.


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