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David Hegg: Reflections on the ethics of beauty


I am continually interested in those for whom all facts can be reduced to physical elements and approaches. For them, the data of difficult technological know-how shape the handiest constructing blocks of reality. In their view, if it can be tested scientifically, you couldn’t genuinely believe it. Of path, as a believer in God, I take those assertions critically, considering they claim my international view to be misguided at nice and absurdly foolish at worst. But, as all of us recognize, even the most materialistic scientist is aware that things in life can not be pressured into high-quality, neat scientific classes.

Included in this class are such things as focus, intentionality, love, joy, and splendor. While in no way material in nature, these all emerge as crucial to life and, mainly, to our leisure of it. In the instructional have a look at philosophy, there are several divisions, including the study of aesthetics. The motive of this area is to understand the idea of beauty, as well as its nature, use, and advantage. The high-quality fascination of aesthetics is that its subjects can’t be decreased to data but still become huge realities. For example, splendor has been an effective effect down via human records, developing around it a certain ethic that obligates those claiming to recognize it to do so properly.

Most of us seldom remember there’s a right manner to the method and use beauty. Stated, splendor is to be analyzed, trendy, and liked in its numerous bureaucracy. As you read this, consider something you don’t forget stunning. It might be a painting, a musical piece, sundown, or even the flight of a properly struck golf ball because it glides smoothly to the green. It might be a child or even a nicely crafted set of phrases that roll off the tongue and fall on the ear with grace and power. Beauty is available in myriad forms and settles over the coronary heart in this type of way that the soul breathes extra easily. The weight of life is lightened, if best momentarily.


But – as crucial and super as splendor is to our nicely-being – the human story appears to indicate we’re the great enemies of splendor. Whenever beauty is diagnosed, it quickly becomes the goal of individuals who could reproduce it for the hundreds, cheapening its essence and manner. As a result, actual splendor often gets lost in the sea of clones. Take the song, or film, or literature, or any of the art paperwork. We stand at a time in present-day records while the publish-modern-day ethic of leveling threatens to make all things regular.

Culture is collapsing on itself whilst we are being advised the purveyors of beauty today are first-rate. We are looking passively as splendor is being re-defined in terms of income and profitability. This redefinition makes Miley Cyrus a remarkable singer, Oprah Winfrey a top-notch truth seeker, Joel Osteen a tremendous preacher, and Pirates of the Caribbean a first-rate film. Really? Numbers and notoriety now define splendor, and we’re all of the worse for it.

But the good information is babies are still being born, crimson tail hawks still glide at the wind, the salty smell of the sea waves nonetheless lightens the coronary heart, and far from the crowd of recognition, real beauty continues to be being produced using many each within the arts and in everyday life. Through all of them, the unique author of beauty is still sending out reminders to his advent that each one beauty, in the long run, is a reflection of his majesty. As Augustine said of God, “You have made us for yourself, and our hearts are stressed until we discover our relaxation in you.” I propose this holds authentic for splendor, as well.

Our hearts yearn for splendor, whether or not we are aware of it or no longer. And our need is so notable we are frequently forced to try and meet it with a way of life’s counterfeits. And even as those may additionally satisfy for the instant, our hearts and minds had been made from the beginning to be glad simplest with that splendor that reflects the God who has shaped them. Beauty is as critical to our souls as food is to our bodies. And just as power-thru junk meals are bloating our bodies, so additionally counterfeit splendor is rotting our souls. It is definitely time we begin swimming upstream towards the tide of famous subculture, worrying over again that splendor is awesome and noble in its expression and now not merely marketable or fashionable to the masses.

Beauty Therapy Vs. Cosmetology

People often get those two terms careworn. They each take place in a splendor college, they each require a few shapes of certification, and that they both involve cosmetic paintings that may help customers look and feel more lovely than ever before. Most individuals suppose that those are the same thing. However, there are massive variations that individuals should be privy to earlier than deciding on their professional course.


Cosmetology is what the majority think of when they think of splendor faculty within the first vicinity. They envision slicing and styling to perfection in a salon. Facials, professional manicures, pedicures, and faultless makeup seem to be a few other things that cosmetology is known for. One of the important ways to help differentiate between the two is remembering that cosmetology frequently includes matters that can be extra along the strains of cutting, styling and short floor matters that could without difficulty be reversed, including facials or manicures.

Beauty Therapy

Beauty therapy is much like cosmetology because someone is going to high school to study splendor remedies. The coursework is regularly extraordinary, however. Schools specializing in beauty remedy remedies frequently offer more advanced coursework, like laser hair elimination schooling and different beauty remedies. In addition to this, they often offer some of the extra famous publications presented at colleges focusing on cosmetology, including licensed nail technician courses.

Which one to pick out

When students decide which faculty to wait, they’re regularly confronted with selecting among cosmetology and splendor therapy faculties. While splendor therapy schools offer a number of the equal things that cosmetology faculties provide, most cosmetology schools do not offer guides in laser hair elimination training.


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