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How California Cop Featured on ‘The Proposal’ Found Hope After Leg Was Amputated in Crash


A California police officer these days featured on ABC’s “The Proposal” has refused to let the fact that he is an amputee forestall him. Mike Crowe lost his leg while riding his motorbike just 24 hours earlier than he turned into because of start his lively patrol following his commencement from the police academy in 2012. And six months after the accident, he became again in the process.

“About three months after my accident, I was given my prosthetic leg and became able to walk once more,” Crowe said. “The notion of having again to work become considered one of the largest motivators for me. I wanted to say, ‘Hey, I can do this. Watch me do this.'” But the street to recuperation wasn’t smooth for the 29-12 months-vintage, who were given engaged to Monica Villalobos on “The Proposal” after understanding each other for much less than an hour.

On the day of the accident, he turned into thrown two hundred ft, and his foot changed into left putting via a “piece of pores and skin.” He underwent eleven surgeries earlier than doctors decided to amputate his leg underneath the calf. “I idea my existence changed into over at that point, Crowe said. “I idea I wouldn’t be a police officer, the career I had been working towards for years.”

As he started grueling rehabilitation, he went via melancholy and had a suicidal mind, but he stored going. After six months, Crow back to energetic duty after passing diverse shape-for-obligation exams, which involved strolling a mile and scaling an eight-foot wall. “People idea I wouldn’t be capable of doing it, but I proved them incorrect,” Crowe said. “Going back to paintings become a surreal second.”


Five years later, the City of Bakersfield police officer is on a task to inspire others and says having one leg has in no way held him back. There’s a completely compelling purpose for you to significantly consider how you could take the rate of your very own monetary destiny. The America you imagine to your head isn’t always the America that exists these days, and Uncle can’t bail you out.

When you suspect of America, what photos come to mind? We all have some iconic view of a, regularly related to baseball and apple pies. We see America as the land of the loose and home of the brave. But how unfastened is America? I’m guessing your view of America doesn’t involve the Statue of Liberty conserving a “For Sale” signal. A symbol that this as soon as-extremely good united states of America is being piece-mealed out to the highest bidder.

The sad fact is that America isn’t always unfastened. America is bankrupt and bought in trillion-dollar increments by using China, Japan, and Middle Eastern oil-rich nations. Most folks are so caught up in our very own daily dramas that we’re painfully ignorant of what is without a doubt going on inside the international, al. Or even in our very own us of a. Most human beings don’t even recognize that we are now financially upside down due to the current financial downturn within the U.S… We are near to the point of not being able to recover. The America that once existed is long past. It can never be added again. We live in a new international, with a brand new America. And in the no longer-too-distant destiny, a few hard selections are going to ought to be made.

This country is spending extra than it makes. (Not unlike most people who inhabit this us of a.) When the Obama administration drove thru a $787 billion greenback deficit-spending financial stimulus plan thru congress, most of us cheered. We had no concept that the actual deficit measured inside the trillions of dollars! Would you like a Band-Aid for that amputated leg with a severed artery? ‘Cuz it is virtually helpful, don’t you suspect? This isn’t always even contemplating the social welfare responsibilities Obama has budgeted into the brand new spending plan. Right now, even si imply our future responsibilities to Social Security and Medicare are enough to bankrupt us. According to the U.S. Treasury, the total responsibilities of the U.S. Exceeded a poor $ fifty-nine trillion in 2007 and by 2008 was over $ sixty-five trillion and developing.

There’s no way for us to recover, even supposing each American had their earnings confiscated by the government to get us out of the hollow. Several elements have contributed to this growing hassle. The baby boomers have essentially crashed our contemporary capacity to maintain up with Social Security and Medicare. There are just no longer enough human beings operating now to fund the retirement of that era. Social Security is funded via the existing running era for individuals who are retiring. So the cash that the baby boomers positioned into the system is not genuinely available for them. They’re pulling from those people who are operating now. Unfortunately for Social Security, the start rate dropped with our generation, and so there are fewer people than the ones retiring. This way, the new technology cannot support the retirement needs of these earlier than us.

The social welfare entitlement programs in this united states have grown past our ability to fund as well. At this factor in time, there may be no funding saved for destiny Social Security and Medicare. Worse nevertheless are the fitness care demands in this united states of America. People are dwelling longer lives, and the cost of healthcare goes through the roof. Couple all this with the mortgage bubble bursting, and America does no longer has the reserves to deal with the financial crisis it has generated.

Here’s the truth:

America is on the market. The cost of the dollar is losing. Foreigners are buying up our debt inside the trillions in the hopes that this financial system may not disintegrate to the factor of making it nugatory. We are quickly moving to an international economy, with America losing its’ sovereignty and freedom. The center magnificence is likewise systematically being eliminated. Soon the department between classes will be sharp and painful—the terrible and the wealthy. We outsource so many paintings from America to places like India. We can’t outsource insource by permitting immigrants to be available in and paintings for substandard wages and no advantages. In the aftermath of all of this, we’re balancing on a totally precarious tightrope. This balancing act can not remain forever, although. Eventually, we will crash even more difficult than already if we do not start looking at the world differently.

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