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Five Pro Small Business SEO Tips from a CEO


Every CEO wants to see their website rank higher in the Google search engine, and that’s what each of them will stress in their meetings. But that’s not all; they want to rank at the top for every keyword combination they can imagine! Now, one may well wonder what the way to make a website rank higher is? The answer is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), writes Neel Sinha, Founder, MyLnk. Ranking a business website higher enhances its chances of gaining a lead that could ultimately turn into a new business sale. To rank a website higher needs quite a few steps and does not happen overnight. Let’s figure out the five most common and impactful professional SEO tips that a CEO insists upon.

Small Business

On-page Optimization / Off-page Optimization.

All to do with preparing a website for ranking; on-page optimization refers to measures taken directly from within the website, helping to improve its position in the search rankings. Examples of this include content optimization or improving meta descriptions and title tags.

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