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How to find purchased apps on the Google Play Store


Keeping track of all our apps is nearly impossible, especially whilst switching gadgets or acting on a manufacturing facility reset. Google makes it pretty painless to re-installation all your apps on a new or reset device. However, if you’re looking for a particular app that you may not forget the name of, matters get a bit complex. Here’s how to discover vintage-bought apps on the Google Play Store!

Finding vintage apps

bought apps google play shop
bought apps google play keep
bought apps google play shop

Before searching at bought apps particularly, allow a brief take a look at how Google maintains the music of your old apps for you. This technique for locating apps isn’t, in reality, particularly useful while locating purchased apps unless you know what you’re looking for. Open the Google Play Store app. Open the hamburger menu using tapping at the three horizontal lines at the pinnacle left corner. Tap on My Apps & Games. The apps currently established on your cellphone are determined under the aptly named Installed tab.

The Library lists all of the apps you’ve ever mounted in your Android devices past and gift; however, they aren’t on your smartphone anymore. The sorting options inside the Library tab best encompass Recent and Alphabetical, while the Installed Tab provides Last Updated, Last Used, and Size. Notably absent is any manner to distinguish between unfastened and acquired apps in both these sections. You’re additionally out a good fortune if you don’t understand the call of what you’re searching out (after which you may search for it).

Google Play Store

Finding bought apps
purchased apps google play shop
bought apps google play store
bought apps google play shop

Finding purchased apps, especially, requires some greater steps.

Open the Google Play Store
Open the hamburger menu with the aid of tapping at the three horizontal traces on the top left corner.
Scroll down and faucet on Account.
The faucet on Order History.

Order History is in which you may discover a listing of any purchases you’ve made through Google Play. Unfortunately, this listing also consists of books, films, TV suggests, songs, and albums you could have sold via Google Play, and all the in-app purchases you’ve ever made too. Depending on your order records, it can take a variety of scrolling. However, you ought to be capable of locating all of the bought apps you were looking for. There might be some surprises in there as nicely.

I had the OG Moto 360 smartwatch in 2015 and had sold some watch faces again then. I didn’t preserve the watch for lengthy, and after I switched smartphones after that, I didn’t re-install any of these apps again. I got the Huawei Watch 2 last yr but completely forgot about the ones watch faces. When I turned into searching at my order history, I was capable of download and used them once more.

The internet app does it (barely) better locate vintage purchased apps – Google Play Store internet site. You can discover order records by way of using the internet app as nicely. Go to play.Google.Com on an internet browser for your PC or Android tool and basically observe the equal steps listed above. Go to Account and open Order History to peer all of your purchases. The web app does it barely better than the smartphone app due to the fact the Order History section has a type characteristic based totally on Categories.

Using this, you may filter and sort your purchases based on Android apps, Movies, Music, Books, Newsstand, and Devices, making it a tad less difficult to find what you’re searching out. If you’re like me, most of your orders are apps and in-app purchases (which also display up below the Android apps category), which means that finding an old bought app remains stressful.

There’s an app for it
purchased apps google play save
bought apps google play store
purchased apps google play store

If you’ve ever grumbled about a missing software function on your cell phone, you would possibly have heard the phrase “There’s probably an app for it” in reaction. If you are searching out antique bought apps, there, without a doubt, is an app for that. You can download the “Purchased Apps” app from the Google Play Store right here. Open the app, tap on your Google account, and your entire order records will display up. Opening the hamburger menu by way of tapping on the 3 horizontal traces at the pinnacle left nook indicates you the one-of-a-kind classes of purchased apps, in addition to the overall number of purchases and the amount you’ve spent. Just more statistics that aren’t immediately to be had from the Google Play Store.

The app also has a leg up at the Google Play Store about the filters to be had. Tap at the 3 vertical dots on the top right corner of the app and faucet on Filter. Here you will see alternatives based on Installation Status (All, Installed best, or Uninstalled only) and Purchase Type (All, In-App simplest, No In-App). Select No In-App, and you may now be capable of seeing a list of all of simply your bought apps.

Why is this nevertheless a component?

The way to locate old bought apps – Play Store image

From its days as the Android Market to the launch of the Google Play Store, the app shop has seen many adjustments, enhancements, and re-designs. So why is it nevertheless so complex to really discover a listing of apps you’ve bought?

The My Apps & Games segment is almost useless in this regard. You can discover what you want inside the Order History. However, there’s no manner to sort or clear out the list to slender it down. The new app has a filter out but won’t be of an awful lot of help. It’s a 3rd-celebration app that manages to do the first-rate activity. You don’t have to navigate to a hidden section to look at your entire order history. The perfect filter-out options make it a long way less tedious to scroll thru. Google must be capable of put into effect something comparable by way of now, and it’ll hopefully do so soon.

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