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‘Man Must Chop’ Wins MTN Apps Challenge Season 5


A 25-12 months-antique graduate of the University of Ghana, Razak Issaka has been adjudged the overall winner of the MTN Apps Challenge season V. His App “Aluta-Man Must Chop” is a lively video that tells a thrilling tale of a formidable and active younger guy known as Aluta who’s simply seeking to continue to exist as he hustles through the tough streets of Accra. As a man of many talents, Aluta continuously attempts distinctive jobs, all in his countless attempts to find out what he’s excellent at. Razak, a clean graduate with a diploma in Psychology, took domestic certificates, Huawei plague, and quantity of ¢20,000.

Aside from being the final winner, he became additionally provided the winner of the Animation Video Category with a certificate, Huawei plague, and an amount of ¢20,000. Razak Issaka, who walked domestic with a total of ¢40,000, said it changed into an existence-converting second for a person like him who has completed the college jostling for a manner to continue to exist. Coding and programming may be his complete-time profession due to the joy and pleasure he derives from putting pieces of thoughts collectively into beneficial cell apps many Ghanaians enjoy.

His next mission, Razak indicated, might be an educative video animation to sensitize the general public against tramadol abuse. He added that the award would encourage him to do greater works to resolve real societal troubles whilst instructing the adolescents to maintain precise residents. Other class winners such as Sario Mobile App (Lifestyle), Trans go Mobile App (Business), Atsu Mobile App (Games & Enterprise), Memoria Mobile App (Education), Smart Traffic Control (Internet of Things), Kaya App (Best Female Project), and SHS Mobile App received via Accra Presbyterian Boys Secondary School.

MTN Apps

The Acting Chief Marketing Officer of MTN Ghana, Noel Kojo Ganson, said the MTN Apps challenge, since its inception a few five years in the past, has allowed several Ghanaian teens to expand and take up demanding situations in our economic system. He said that tops were influencing lives and creating financial empowerment throughout us of a and the continental. Ganson indicated that MTN pleasure itself in giving complete and equal entry to ladies inside the region of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

“Indeed, Technology and Innovation had been recognized as imperatives for accomplishing gender equality and empowerment for ladies. Given this, MTN is championing an assignment for ladies in the era, where younger women receive mentorship from ladies in ICT running on this business enterprise,” he said. According to him, MTN has included the Best Female Developer Award Category in step with girls in the ICT mission. “A class that has seen the submission of some exciting projects. We consider that the sustenance of this class will lead to the contribution of sources to the filling of a much broader human resource hole in STEM-a a gap that indicates they want for the giant improvement of our human sources,” Mr. Ganson intimated.

The Journey

He explained that nearly 12 months ago, at the inception of the MTN Apps Challenge v5.0, they anticipated, however, couldn’t consider the excitement and participation this version might have generated. Mr. Ganson mentioned that when a chain of roadshows, extra than one hundred ninety programs had been obtained. In general, fifty-six initiatives were received for mobile Apps, seven for an Internet of Things (IoT), nine for animation motion pictures, and 7 for SHS tasks.

According to him, 72 were freelance, and seven were from Senior High Schools (SHS). These apps had been positioned thru a rigorous choice process, and the most effective, 24 initiatives made it to the final auditions. He emphasized that the judges reviewed these kinds of Apps, thinking of the industrial viability of the app. “This factor of the competition could be very vital due to the fact, as a business, we agree with that the App Developer community ought to be capable of generating revenue from their innovations to maintain their corporations. It is a unique form of adolescents empowerment,” he posited.

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