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Samsung’s foldable OLED panel goes into production this summer


The Korean news outlet ETNews claims to have developed an exciting scoop concerning Samsung’s foldable OLED panels from a dependable supply. The file says that the Korean tech giant is gearing up for mass manufacturing of foldable OLED panels that must be the staple of the so-called Samsung X smartphone because they will be released at the beginning of next year. A massive variety of producers might be interested in the tech – Motorola, Huawei, Oppo, and even Apple.

However, the latest record tips at a slight one-of-a-kind approach. At first, the Samsung phone changed to spread vertically, developing in length from 4.5″ up to 7.3″; however, that could seem unpractical given that you may need to open it to answer a call. Now, the OEM is asking for a layout that folds up to three-thirds of the manner. Reportedly, the display layout will be ready for early 2019 release, which is in keeping with the rumors thus far.

Foldable smartphones could be the next step forward in the industry. Samsung’s CEO says they may be a finished product right from the start instead of a gimmick, but we still have several ready to do earlier than we find out for positive. Samsung’s camp is abuzz with interest, with the approaching release of the subsequent-generation Samsung Galaxy Note to be just a few months away. Many interesting rumors are floating around the net that the impending Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is poised to doubtlessly alternate the phone game and convey it to the next stage. In this article, we test all the buzzes and speculations surrounding the numerous functions of the imminent top-class smartphone from Samsung.


Rumored features and specifications of the Galaxy Note 6


Not much is understood about the design, but the Galaxy Note 6 might also sport the glass and steel exterior that the South Korean tech giant seems to have made fashionable for all its excessive-stop devices. Note 6 will, in all likelihood, have the same fundamental shape as its predecessor.


In phrases of its display, which is one of the first-class features of the Galaxy Note five, the Note 6 is predicted to come with a whopping five.8-inch Super AMOLED screen, although it is recommended this may increase to 6 inches. That’s not all, both. Samsung is allegedly running on a brand new phone with a bendable show to be launched in 2016. It doesn’t take an advertising genius to determine that a cell phone with a foldable screen would be a geek’s dream coming to lifestyles, and if completed nicely, it will promote things like hotcakes. It appears revolutionary, but it’s doubtful whether Samsung will offer a “Premium Edition” of the approaching flagship with a foldable display.

Pressure-sensitive characteristic

The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 may additionally function as a strain-sensitive display generation. The stress touchy technology works similarly to Apple’s 3D Touch show released with its iPhone S6. It has been recognized for doing it pretty nicely, given that it’s beyond statistics. It isn’t always out of the normal to see Samsung following in Apple’s footsteps.


The digital camera will glaringly be the middle of attention. The rumor turbines reported that this phablet would sport one of the nice, maximum-first-class cameras on any phone. A 30-megapixel primary digital camera (coupled with a Sony Sensor) and 16-megapixel selfie snapper are expected to meet the picture needs of the person. This might be a worthy improvement over the 16-megapixel primary shooter and five-megapixel front-dealing with the camera on the Galaxy Note 5. The camera is expected to bring alongside a plethora of new, a great deal of needed functions, together with 4K video recording and Optical Image Stabilization (OIS).

Under the hood: quad-middle Snapdragon SoC and Exynos Chipset

Now, let’s discuss what’s going to power the Galaxy Note 6. One positive aspect of the new phone is the inclusion of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 SoC, even though certain editions of the device will run Samsung’s personal Exynos processor.

How Much RAM will the tool have?

The Galaxy Note 6 can be the arena’s first-ever phone to ship with 8GB of RAM. The Note 6 will have 4GB of RAM, which is more than its predecessor, which may suggest that Samsung has a few quite massive plans for the tool. Rumors say the Note 6 can be a PC hybrid and a cellphone. The company already acquired a patent for what’s known as its next-era pocketbook running a dual-OS with a phablet dock. If the era is featured inside the Galaxy Note 6, the phablet will run Android in cell phone mode. When its miles docked inside a notebook, it routinely switched to running the Windows OS.

Speculation about the Battery

Earlier this 12 months, rumors popped up about the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 probably packing a significant 4000mAh battery. The Battery inside the Note 6 is, likewise, likely non-detachable. Rapid charging and wireless charging technology can also be supported on the phone.


The phone will come with three special inner storage versions: 64GB, 128GB, and 256 GB. Many were disillusioned when Samsung discarded the MicroSD card slot last year. However, many are anticipating that it will be introduced back in the Galaxy Note 6.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Key Features

Display: 5. Eight-inch Super AMOLED display

Operating System: Android 6.Zero Marshmallow

Processor: Snapdragon 820 SoC + Samsung’s Exynos chipset


ROM: 64/128/256GB

Rear digital camera: 30MP

Secondary digital camera: 16MP

Battery: 4000mAh

Release Date

As for the discharge date, Samsung historically launched the Note at the IFA show in Berlin, but in 2015, it went early and announced the Galaxy Note five in August. If Samsung sticks to its normal launch agenda, we anticipate the Note 6 unveiling in August or September 2016. Hopefully, it’ll be worth the wait.


Unfortunately, pricing hasn’t been shown for the Galaxy Note 6, but we will say it isn’t always going to be reasonably priced. Considering its premium construct, those who need to buy this cellphone will shell out about $800 to $1200.

Based on all these rumors, might you recall shopping for a Samsung Galaxy Note 6 tool?

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