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The best PC gaming communities


Being a PC gamer is an inherently social enjoy. Even in the case, you’re now not into multiplayer games, there is an amazing threat which you have a few subreddits, boards, and comment sections you like to hang around in. It’s a wonderful way to show your self to new video games and opinions you might not have considered, however finding the right network isn’t always clean. Lively, respectful verbal exchange may be a tough element to discover. That’s why we’ve rounded up our favorite PC gaming communities to hang around in.

The PC Gamer Club

If you could forgive us for tooting our very own horns for a second, the PC Gamer Club is the good area to hang out considering treehouses were invented. While you get a ton of perks for signing up, the most applicable one gets right of entry to our Discord server, a bumping area in which just underneath a thousand PC game enthusiasts are chatting and making friends. There are committed lobbies for precise games, so finding a party is straightforward, and we also host a ton of giveaways. We’re proud of the community we’ve created and the energetic dialogue happening each minute about the entirety PC gaming.

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Reddit might be the most famous network for something on the net, let alone PC gaming. It’s no surprise that pretty some guidelines in this listing are particular subreddits. Of they all, though, the PC gaming subreddit casts the widest internet by using being a one-stop-save complete of breaking information, weekly discussions, and the odd giveaway. I’m an especially massive fan of the weekly “What are you playing” posts, which has more than once led me to a first-rate game I would never have attempted otherwise. If you are seeking to stay abreast of the goings-on inside the PC international, r/PC gaming is a remarkable vicinity to be.

Build a PC subreddit

Wanting to get into PC gaming for the primary time or refresh your vintage hardware? The Build a PC subreddit is an invaluable resource for doing simply that. While our very own construct courses offer a stable template, the friendly folks here have made an activity out of making tailored builds that’ll healthy your budget—no matter how small it would seem. Even if you’re now not at the hunt for a new photographs card, r/BuildaPC is a first-rate place to take part in the discussion at the modern hardware, hilarious and unconventional builds, or even a few troubleshooting.

Gamedeals subreddit

Okay, you are beginning to sense a subject matter here, right? Subreddits are useful—and Gamedeals is not any extraordinary. While now not PC-specific, Gamedeals is one of the high-quality places to stay inside the know approximately modern-day sales throughout a huge style of digital marketplaces. The feedback segment can get a touch too discerning about the price of specific video games, however in case you see a deep sale and need to understand if it’s well worth it to reach for your pockets, they are a useful region to start.

Game Detectives subreddit

One of the good gaming communities online, the Game Detectives are a community devoted to sussing out and fixing mysteries woven into popular video games we play. These internet sleuths are a hivemind that no ARG can quality, as evidenced with the aid of their work cracking Overwatch’s infuriating Sombra ARG and the years-long quest to find Frog Fractions 2. Even if you’re not interested in being a detective your self, it is difficult to no longer get wrapped up inside the thriller. Their staying power and ardor for fixing in-game riddles is infectious.


Though it’s not PC-particular, Resetera has to turn out to be a treasured alternative for gaming verbal exchange after NeoGAF almost imploded because of allegations of sexual assault made in opposition to its owner. And frankly, Resetera makes it clean to move on. Though forum forums type of sense like a relic of the 90s, Resetera is a lively region complete of debate and— the quality of all—rumor mongering. You’ll need to maintain some salt inside arm’s attain, but developers and insiders were known to frequent each Resetera and NeoGAF to leak sensitive statistics. Either manner, if you game on different structures or don’t mind the non-PC focus, Resetera is a superb web page to have bookmarked.

Patient GamersImage result for The best PC gaming communities

Some of my favorite games are ones I didn’t get round to till they’d been out for years, like Vampire: The Masquerade—Bloodlines. I got to play it with the fan-made patch, but ignored out on the revel in you get with a brand new sport where you sense like a part of The Conversation, able to mention “What about that bit!” and have your pals or a bunch of strangers on the net nod along.

The Patient Gamers subreddit helps you to experience that feeling even if you’re several years late to the birthday celebration. It’s for discussing video games launched at the least six months in the past, and frequently manner older than that. There’s a “recreation of the month” thread at the pinnacle and right now it is full of human beings speaking approximately Metro 2033, which is eight years vintage. Underneath which might be human beings speaking approximately Gothic 2, the primary Resident Evil and its 2002 remake, and a number of the earliest Total War games. Maybe it’s because nobody has warm takes on games this vintage, however, there may be genuinely a pleasantness here that’s uncommon on Reddit.

Battlestations subreddit

If you’re the kind of character who spends as plenty time tidying cables, dusting your desk, and thoroughly positioning your mouse and keyboard as you do gambling video games, that is the subreddit for you. A symphony of minimalist IKEA desks, colorful LED lighting, and pristinely cable-tied wires, Battlestations is a fascinating insight into human beings‘ gaming setups. Be warned, although: emotions of excessive jealousy are an inevitable side impact of surfing this network, as are surprising trips to Amazon to shop for garnish strip lighting.

MechanicalKeyboards subreddit


Do you want clacking keys? Do you want sensitivity? Do you like quite photographs of best keyboards, tips on constructing keyboards, and comically huge key switches? The humans of MechanicalKeyboards additionally like these things, and are pretty an awful lot continually speaking about them. It’s a quite comfortable, very pleasant, well-moderated place wherein someone is always considering keyboards. Beyond that, it’s, in reality, beneficial for seeing the literal rainbow of keyboard options accessible. For instance, I didn’t realize about 40% size keyboards until I joined this network. They’re additionally exceptional for alerting you to good hardware income and even better for alerting you to bizarre, custom things like concrete keycaps.

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