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BACK IN THE GAME Iconic retro gaming firm Atari preparing to launch its first new console in 20 years


COMPUTER icon ATARI is again in the game – because it is preparing to release its first new console in twenty years. Atari became a celebrity in the Seventies and 1980s video game enterprise. The US company became a video game pioneer, helping Pac-Man and Pong go global. But Atari has misplaced out to Nintendo, Sega, and Sony for a long time. Atari’s remaining new console came in 1993 and filed for financial disaster in 2013. Since 2014, it has centered on casino games for cellular telephones and online.

4 Reasons to Love Being A PC Gamer

PC gaming is found to be much better than gaming consoles. There are numerous advantages to using PC games. I have even tried using the consoles and playing on PC, and I agree that PC games have received my heart. It is not that I hate gaming consoles. However, I like playing games on my PC more. Even now, at this age, games entice and make contact with me. I experience a certain drive every occasion I see every person playing around. The advantages of PC video games that I even have noticed in particular are as follows-

Affordable video games

Video contests or consoles are very tons costly. Hence, buying them occasionally for a commonplace person like me is difficult. All the games set on the PC can be performed without spending a dime. No more subscriptions are required to play on the PlayStation. This calls for monthly subscriptions within the Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus subscriptions. Also, if you are playing a couple of video games, you do not need to pay anything for them, as there are more prices within the consoles.


Several styles of games

PC guides a lot more contests than consoles. Doing this may ensure you won’t miss out on any games. A third birthday party game publisher should not stake in specific platform performance. Also, gambling on the PC through a keyboard and mouse offers the speed and accuracy the games require, and the gaming consoles can’t fit. That is why one unearths frequent gamers of games like Counter-Strike, and they are more active on PCs as a substitute for consoles. So, it’s natural that the motion games have constructed their area of interest within the desktops.

Play the way you want to play.

This is another perfect element of gambling contests on the PC. The PC video games come up with liberty. After an extended day of work and typing on the keyboard, I want to play video games with it. The PC games are very right here from the video games. They are splendid alternatives for choice and flexibility.

As real as you want it to be

The hardware inside your PC makes the gaming revel in all the extra higher. While you play on Play Station 4 and Xbox One, the resolution is between 720p and 1080p. This is the not-unusual range that TV sets make use of. So, you may well believe the great photographs you get on the PC. You can pick out the hardware, software, and software you need to apply on a PC. All those PC capabilities make games clean and better for the customers. These are the primary reasons one should love PC games if you strive to play games on both a PC and a gaming console and discover the difference yourself.


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