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The best travel apps for Android


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Traveling may be a massive hassle, with plenty of room for inconvenience and errors. But while there may be not lots you could do approximately the past due to departures, the surly gate attendants, or the pungent fellas by hook or by crook continually seated proper after you, there are methods you could make your next business journey a little less unpleasant — all way to that reachable little system to your pocket. Android’s tour app choice has certainly taken off during the last few years, and the Google Play Store now boasts an impressive array of surely useful titles for the journeying professional. After putting several standout candidates to the test, these are the apps I’d endorse stowing to your cell phone and keeping at arm’s reach on every occasion your paintings subsequent has you hitting the street or flying the (allegedly) friendly skies.

(All apps are loose except in any other case distinctive.)

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Planning and getting ready
At your vacation spot
Planning and making ready
Organize your packing process

PackPoint is a tour enterprise genie. You definitely inform it where you are going, when, and what you will be doing — and the app generates an in-depth tick list of recommended gadgets to your suitcase. You can add your personal gadgets to the list, as wanted, after which use it as a manual to make certain you keep in mind the entirety each time.

travel apps

Android travel apps – PackPoint JR Raphael / IDG

PackPoint takes some of the pain out of packing for an experience. PackPoint is unfastened, with an optionally available one-time $3 upgrade that gets rid of commercials and offers you the capacity to create your own custom packing templates. The paid version of the app also integrates with TripIt (greater on that during a moment); this means that it may import your travel plans routinely and create packing lists earlier than you even ask.

Prepare for nearby navigation.

Yeah, yeah, I recognize: You’re properly aware of Google Maps. But what you won’t recognize — or perhaps have just forgotten — is that with a teensy little bit of making plans, you can download all of the information you want for an experience at once into Maps earlier. That way, you may navigate for your heart’s content material, even in areas without robust cellular information signals, and you could keep away from burning through mobile facts unnecessarily on the street. [ Take this mobile device management course from PluralSight and learn how to secure devices in your company without degrading the user experience. ]

Here’s the trick:

While you are nevertheless in the consolation of your private home or office, open up Maps for your smartphone and search for the city you will be visiting. You have to see its name appear in a bar at the lowest of the display screen at the side of a link labeled “More Info.” Tap “More Info,” then tap “Download” on the display that looks. Repeat as needed for any extra places to your schedule, then relaxation clean knowing your navigational guide may be there and ready — irrespective of what sort of conditions you stumble upon.


Manage your air journey. TripIt is an all-around air journey control partner, and it will make your life less complicated in some meaningful methods — specifically if you do an honest amount of flying. At its center, TripIt lets you to ahead flight itineraries and different tour-associated emails to a unique deal with — or, in case you need, to provide it directly get entry to in your inbox so it could find and technique such emails on its own — and it then extracts all of the applicable details and organizes them into smooth and easy-to-follow master itineraries.

Where TripIt definitely shines, even though, is with its optionally available $49-a-year TripIt Pro service (which you may strive out through an unfastened 30-day trial). That service offers you real-time flight updates all in the course of your trip — regularly beating notifications via airlines’ very own apps, in my experience, as well as updates to the monitors inside the terminal.

Android tour apps – TripIt JR Raphael / IDG

Once you travel with TripIt — particularly its TripIt Pro carrier — you may not want to fly without it. But the notifications and exchange flight finder are what make the app invaluable — a must-have for any frequent flier or commercial enterprise visitor. Beyond that, TripIt Pro makes it easy to find alternate flights at any point in your journey. If a connection is canceled or behind schedule, all it takes is a couple of taps to look at what different flights are available — even right down to the precise open seats — to your modern airline or on some other. A current trip I made to Boston helped me live a step in advance of the gate agent, while a late departure positioned my connecting flight in jeopardy. TripIt Pro comes with a few different perks, too, together with a one-time $25 credit to LoungeBuddy for airport lounge get admission to.

Find excellent flights.

Forget all of the clunky, upsell-infested flight-locating apps and offerings. Instead, open up your Chrome Android browser and navigate to Google Flights. OK, OK, technically, it isn’t always an Android app. However, Google’s flight carrier makes it brilliant-easy to search for flights throughout all airlines. You can store or percentage potential itineraries, ebook your journey immediately with something airline (or airlines) you choose.

Pro tip:

If you want to make the app less complicated to get admission to, tap Chrome’s 3-dot menu icon at the same time as viewing the internet site and select “Add to the home screen.” That’ll give you an extra conventional cellular-app-like icon that can then pull up the tool with a single faucet.

Explore airports

FOLIO does a group of different matters, but the function you need is its capability to act as your manual to airports worldwide. As soon as you land, the app will top off with all styles of data applicable on your terminal — interactive maps, dining tips, and precise commands on connecting to be had Wi-Fi hotspots in the vicinity. It lets you find an ebook to get right of entry to airport lounges, too, or even reserve apartment cars and parking spots at some places.

Android tour apps – FOLIO JR Raphael / IDG

FOLIO is full of useful data for making the maximum of it slow in an airport. FOLIO additionally serves up occasional discounts for stores and offerings. On a current ride to Boston, as an example, it popped up an offer for $five off at the spa in my connecting terminal (even though it, unfortunately, gave me no coupons for tacos, which I ways extra urgently required).

Speed up your border access

If you’re traveling internationally — and have a valid passport from the U.S. Or Canada — the Mobile Passport app can prevent valuable time when you input the U.S. By using allowing you to put up your passport information and customs announcement form via the app upon landing, after which pass the normal line on your manner thru border patrol.

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