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Amazon India To Open 12 Temporary Offline Stores For Fashion Sale


For its upcoming style sale event, Amazon India has deliberately opened 12 offline shops in 3 Indian towns. Amazon India will open those offline stores in the tech parks in Bengaluru, NCR, and Mumbai. The employer has termed it a ‘quit-of-season fashion sale’ from June 23 to June 25, 2017. “Amazon will provide 50-80% discount on 3 lakh gadgets from 1,500 manufacturers, aside from lots of chocolates as gifts and cashback,” stated the ET.

Reportedly, Amazon India aims to help dealers promote most of their inventory before GST moves in with this sale. The GST will roll out from July 1, 2017; with it, the taxation shape and charges will trade. Sellers, consequently, are trying to offload the most stock taxed based on VAT and sales tax. Earlier this week, reviews also surfaced that Amazon India suspended its platinum supplier software because of GST. “The dealers and types might have an advantage if they might promote most of the antique stocks before GST starts to evolve,” instructed Arun Sirdeshmukh, head of Amazon India’s style business to ET. An electronic mail dispatched to Amazon India did not elicit a response at the time of the booklet. Amazon India Vs. Flipkart Fashion Sale.

Fashion Sale Strategies

With the idea of physical shops, Amazon India intends to woo its purchasers’ attention as its nemesis, Flipkart, is aggressively engaging in online fashion sales. As stated by using Arun to ET, “Around a third of clients attempt Fashion first on Amazon India. We are hopeful the occasion will convey in new purchases online.” Coming to Flipkart for the first time, the homegrown e-commerce poster boy is setting up style sale events with its umbrella manufacturers—Myntra and Jabong.


Flipkart can be 50% to 80% off, protecting 3000+ manufacturers. 99.99% of the patterns on Flipkart Fashion might be on a bargain at some point during the 3-day fashion fiesta from the twenty-fourth to the 26th of June. Flipkart may also be going for walks and insight-driven offers for exceptional shopper segments. For instance, the corporation has released the sale occasion with new constructs to lure buyers and interact with them on the platform. The sale has multiple sub-occasions, including Late Night/Early Morning Shows, Fashion Tribes, The Big Fashion Loot, The Matchmaker, Lucky Size Store, and more. Flipkart has also invested in its set of rules to pick out elusive consumer segments like dad and mom, luxury consumers, and so on. It will have centered and extraordinary gives for these segments.

Seller Strategies

Amazon India recently announced that it has doubled its dealer base and reached the 2 Lakh dealer mark on its platform in June 2017. In March 2017, to help sellers recognize the GST better, Amazon India developed a program known as the ‘A-Z GST Guide’ for sellers. The manual will similarly help dealers get access to individual assistance from Seller Cafes, found in more than 30 towns in the US.

In April 2017, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos stated that Amazon India is the most popular market, indicating the enterprise’s aim to maintain fuelling Indian investment. In May 2017, Amazon India additionally announced seven new fulfillment facilities. Flipkart, however, is busy getting the stock out earlier than GST for its sellers. Since the beginning of the 12 months, Flipkart has organized class sales nearly every month. On the GST front, the employer has devoted its sellers to providing unfastened tax structure steerage and help in client invoicing in February 2017. Also, with its newly obtained eBay business, Flipkart has already closed down its Global supplier sourcing platform, Flipkart Global.

Private Label Game

Flipkart has also launched its non-public fashion label Divas Trip, an ethnic put online for women based on the shopper tendencies on Flipkart Fashion. Myntra and Jabong hold a 45% marketplace percentage within the fashion vertical. While blended with Flipkart – their percentage in the style section is pegged at 75%. Amazon India has an in-house personal fashion label, ethnic put on the emblem for ladies named Max, released in December 2016. Before it, the business enterprise had launched Symbol, a guys’ non-public fashion label, in January, the ultimate year

Evolving Fashion Trends – Then and Now

Well, Isn’t it a real understatement if one thinks that Fashion in India has come of age? In the previous couple of years, there was an entire shift of concept as to how the style appeared and how the recent tendencies have transformed Indian Fashion into a worldwide brand. India is rustic with an age-old legacy of clothing & recognized for producing some of the first-rate intricate creations in the world, yet it appears to have an extended manner to go.

How it All Began-

Over the years, popular Bollywood tendencies dominated the fashion scene, from Madhubala’s Anarkali look with kurtas and churidars in Mughal-e-Azam (1960) flavor to the purple embroidered sari worn via Madhuri Dixit in Hum Aapke Hain Koun. Thus, taking a cue from records and passing at the wealthy &flavoronto the costumes designed for movies or social occasions has facilitated Indian designers and Indian garments to make their mark all over the globe.

The Birth of Changing Fashion-

Moreover, it was not until the birth of the 80s that changed into the duration while the first technology Indian style designers started to emerge, such as Satya Paul. Research shows that the designs and ensembles of some of the world’s most prominent designers prove that some of these “new” tendencies are part of the retro-cultural culture of yesteryears and the existing instances.

The “Feminine Factor” – Biggest impact on evolving Fashion


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