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Olivia Wilde’s Used Clothing Line Is About Our ‘Fashion Waste Crisis’


Olivia Wilde needs you to shop for used garments from her new collection. In a part of an attempt to rail in opposition to the speedy-style way of life, Wilde and her enterprise Conscious Commerce have partnered with the secondhand apparel professionals at ThredUP to create a one-of-a-kind line made completely of used clothes. Called “Choose Used,” the group’s ambitions are to dispel the stigma around wearing used garb, even as combat the way of life of fast style.

“We’re within the midst of a fashion waste disaster, and buying secondhand could make an actual difference,” Wilde advised HuffPost. “I’ve constantly cherished antiques, and I’m proud to put on used garments, so I became attracted to thredUP’s challenge to maintain exceptional apparel in use and out of landfills. I hope this collaboration inspires others to include secondhand to lighten our collective style footprint.” Each piece inside the collection is screen printed with an unfashionable-inspired layout that proudly labels the garment as used, such as phrases like “Used Goods” and “I Wear Used Clothes.” And 10% of the net proceeds from the collection visit ThredUP’s Circular Fashion Foundation, a charitable institution that supports sustainable fashion efforts throughout the globe.

Fast style is big business. Around 32 billion garments are created for the U.S. Fashion marketplace each year, but almost sixty-five percent of them grow to be in a landfill. That fabric waste makes fashion the second most polluting enterprise in the world. That said, secondhand is now a $20 billion enterprise that’s predicted to double within the next five years. If you’re strange with ThredUP, it’s an online thrift shop wherein you can purchase and sell secondhand garb and add-ons. ThredUP is now the world’s biggest secondhand clothing market. In October, the brand launched its very personal size-inclusive apparel line, which was designed to be resold, fulfilling its undertaking to aid around style.


Perhaps what I love most about approximately ThredUP is the emblem’s “Clean Out Kits.” When you order a Clean Out Kit, you’re both despatched a super long-lasting bag with pay-as-you-go delivery for $1 or a label to ship your packing containers for free. You use that postage to then mail ThredUP your antique clothes. You can pick to receive a commission for the items after they are resold, or the enterprise will take on the task of donating and responsibly recycling your used garb.

It’s the perfect way to clean out your closet and make some cash inside the procedure. I’ve also bought one-of-a-kind vintage pieces from ThredUP for a fraction of the price in a boutique secondhand shop. You’re in a proper corporation if you’re trying to ditch speedy-style brands like Forever21 and rather guide more moral and sustainable fashion labels. Browse Wilde’s “Choose Used” collection, and in case you want extra of our editor-sourced merchandise and reviews, sign on for HuffPost’s sales and offer an e-newsletter.

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