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Here’s Some Deeply Cursed Fashion Advice From Misogynist Idiot Mike Cernovich


Mike Cernovich is known for many stuff: he’s the inventor of Gorilla Mindset™, a salesperson for enormously questionable nootropics, a disgusting misogynist, and a lawyer who, supposedly, “defends unfastened speech.”One element you may now not associate Cernovich with is his slick, hip appearance. Folks, that’s about to trade.
Today on Twitter, the man who has encouraged rape on a couple of occasions schooled guys everywhere on the way to look good and provoke the ladies.


And hence, the thread commenced. It covered steaming warm guidelines like “wear a floral to make yourself appear approachable” and “put on plaid.” Whoa, plaid and jeans?! Damn! Cernovich is a shoo-in for the first straight guy to be delivered to Queer Eye’s Fab Five. Perhaps this thread’s most concerning “appearance” was this military in shape. Why are the shoulders so pointy?! What the fuck is going on with that piping?!

Mercifully, the thread ended sooner or later. Weirdly, many who aren’t good at anything suppose they are qualified to comment on fashion. But I assume we all know that Cerno is a true-style iconoclast. One day, we may learn how to pull off a plaid button-up and denim. Thank you, Mike, for this blessing.

Geneva A. Crawford
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